The Best Food to Eat Before Workout Routines – 6 Healthy Options

Doing sports and eating well are the most important things that keep you healthy and fit. After all, your body is your soul’s temple. So, make sure you take good care of it! Still, a lot of people don’t feel energized enough during their workouts. Why is that? Well, specialists suggest you should eat certain meals between 1 and 2 hours prior to exercising. Below, see some of the best types of food to eat before workout.

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Healthy Food to Eat Before Workout Routines – Top 6 Choices

#1. Oats

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Oatmeal is great in the morning, but it can also be an excellent food to eat before workout. Create a high-protein oatmeal and eat it as an afternoon snack, before hitting the gym. Oats are rich in fiber. Therefore, it will help you feel more energized throughout your entire exercise program. You can find a lot of healthy and tasty oatmeal recipes online.

Tip: Mix your oats with milk, one banana, and cinnamon for a better texture and taste. Another great option is adding chia seeds in your combination.

#2. Fruits

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Fruits are the best source of energy anyone can think of. Bananas are probably the best food to eat before workout, besides protein-packed meals and vegetables. Unlike other fruits, bananas contain carbs as well as Potassium. These elements are essential when it comes to your nerves and muscles functioning properly. If your workout consists of intense sessions, you should definitely pick this healthy snack.

Tip: For an energy and endurance boost, combine bananas with low-fat cottage cheese. Eat this about an hour before your exercise routine.

#3. Smoothies

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Smoothies are great options to eat before a workout. Not only can they support your weight loss, but they also have anti-aging properties. Bananas, berries, avocados, and leafy greens are among the most recommended ingredients for a healthy and tasty smoothie. If you want to make it more refreshing, you should freeze the ingredients, especially the fruits.

Tip: Adding ingredients such as flax seeds, soy milk, and wheat will help you prepare super smoothies.


#4. Yogurt

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Choose to eat a low-fat Greek yogurt 30-60 minutes before hitting the gym. You can also opt for a regular yogurt, but the Greek version is creamier and tastier. Moreover, Greek yogurt contains a lot more protein and fewer carbohydrates than the standard product. Still, both regular and Greek yogurt are great calcium sources. On the other hand, you should avoid consuming flavored or fruity dairy products. They have a lot of added sugar.

Tip: Add fresh or frozen berries or other fruits in your yogurt. You can also mix it with oats. This is a great probiotic food to eat before workout.

#5. Protein Shakes

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You can opt for a protein shake before or after your workout. It will help you build muscle by providing you with the right kind and amount of protein. Muscles heal faster and easier when they receive their needed proteins. Some say that drinking a protein shake is even better than to eat solid protein foods. Liquids are digested easily, and the proteins will reach your muscles a lot quicker.

Probably the best protein to include in your shake is the whey. Plenty of bodybuilders say that a whey protein shake is their favorite food to eat before workout. All in all, protein shakes are not only easy to make and convenient, they are also nutritious and help you with your weight loss.

#6. Eggs and Avocado Toast

two toasts with eggs and avocado

This is the perfect food to eat before workout if you want that extra punch of omega-3. This fatty acid is great for your heart. Also, this meal contains healthy proteins that will help you go through your entire exercise routine without feeling tired. It can also be a Paleo-friendly breakfast option for those of you who are in a hurry, being easy to prepare. You only need eggs, avocados, pepper, and chopped chives.

Tip: Avoid frying the eggs. Instead, poach or bake them in an oven preheated to 425-degrees. You shouldn’t leave them more than 20 minutes in the oven. Also, the cooking time will vary depending on the eggs’ size.

Putting It All Together

The main idea you should always remember is to never do your exercise routine on an empty stomach. Usually, those that work out for at least an hour should eat a combination of protein and healthy carbs. This way, you will make sure your muscle tears will repair themselves in no time. Consider the above food to eat before workout, if you want to keep being healthy and fit.

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