Female Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular, also among women. Nowadays it’s not a rare sight to see female bodybuilders working out at the gym. For some women it’s mainly about getting fit and staying in good shape, while others are aiming for visible, lean muscles.

Women have a higher concentration of estrogen in their blood, while their testosterone levels naturally are lower than in the male body.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for muscle growth and is one of the reasons why the male body usually has a relatively larger amount of muscles than the female.

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The female hormone estrogen on the other hand has the quality to make the body store fat easier, and is one of the reasons why the female body by often is more soft and with a larger layer of fat.

Because of this natural condition of the body, the female bodybuilder may have to work a bit harder for her results, but there are ways to maximize your results, and it’s possible to do so without having to use steroids that raise testosterone levels artificially.

If you focus a lot of your training on the lower part of your body, you will gain a natural increase of testosterone in your body, and so the muscles will be able to grow with more ease. Make sure you fit in a lot of exercises for your legs each week, even though you have to give them a good rest every now and then too.

When you work out you want to do it in an intense way and have short sets with maximum weight. This also increases testosterone and aids muscle growth. Make your sets about 6-8 reps for most muscle groups and don’t do more than three sets on each muscle growth. The fewer reps you do the better and the heavier weight, the faster your muscles will grow.

Female bodybuilders might also want to increase their intake of food that naturally raises testosterone levels. All foods with a high amount of zinc are great, with oysters at the top. Red meat and poultry also has a high concentration of zinc as well as beans, nuts, wholegrain and seafood. Also make sure the fat you eat has a high concentration of monounsaturated fat, since it is helpful for muscle growth.

These are a few ways that the female bodybuilder can use to be able to gain muscles easier and faster.

Many female bodybuilders are finding that they can rapidly gain muscle by following a disciplined routine. These women are looking to add sizeable muscle. A lot of other women who go to the gym are just interested in toning their arms, stomachs and legs. Remember, short sets with heavy weights to get big, long sets with light weights to get toned.

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