Fat Burning Furnace Review – Will it Work for You?

Do you need to lose weight and get in shape? Is belly fat an issue for you? Are you tired of trying different diets and exercise programs that don’t work? You’re not alone. I struggled with my weight and belly fat for years. I tried several diet and exercise programs. What I discovered the hard way is that if you’re serious about finally getting in shape, losing weight and keeping it off you need a scientifically proven program that combines a healthy diet and the right regular exercise program.

Fat Burning Furnace claims to combine a diet and nutrition plan with an exercise program designed to lose weight, get rid of your belly fat and keep it off for life. Ron Puolos, the man who developed the program, says that it’s based on his personal experience of struggling with his weight. Ron claims he spent 10 years of trial and error before he finally came up with his Fat Burning Furnace program. Ron is not a nutrition expert or a professional body builder.

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Fat Burning Furnace Review – What is the Fat Burning Furnace Program?

fat burning furnace book reviewFat Burning Furnace is a two part 12 week program sold as an eBook. The first part is a diet and nutrition plan with a detailed description of the diet changes you need to make to burn fat and lose weight. The diet program includes food charts and meal plans with the fruits, carbs, meats/proteins and vegetables including special sections for vegetarians and seniors. Unfortunately the number of meal plans is limited and doesn’t cover the entire 12 week program.

The second part of Fat Burning Furnace is a step by step 12 week exercise program that is based on using weights and gradually building up to high intensity interval training. The program requires a 20 minute commitment per day 3 to 4 days a week. The eBook includes versions of the plan for those that have gym memberships and individuals that prefer to do exercises using their own body weight. But most people invest in some basic weights to do the program at home because it more convenient and easier to do.

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Fat Burning Furnace Review – Does Fat Burning Furnace Really Work?

It worked for me. I started the Fat Burning Furnace program over a year ago. I began to see results in about six weeks and lost 24 pounds when I completed the 12 week program. I lost the fat but I also toned my muscles get a flatter stomach and tighter behind as a result of the exercises. The key is to stay with the program after you complete the first 12 weeks. The eBook includes tips and advice on how to make the program part of a new lifestyle long term.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – What Do Actual Customers Say?

Has Fat Burning Furnace worked for others? According to the company thousands have used the program since it was launched in 2006. When I first researched the program I red dozens of reviews and spoke to several people that bought the eBook. Based on my research and my personal experience with the program I think the following comments are fairly typical of what many of us have experienced:

“I went from 261 lbs to 235, a 26 pound loss. Also lost 5 inches around waist and dropped 7 1/2 percent body fat. I feel great. I feel strong. And, my clothes fit me much better. The Abs are just starting to come through…” – Randy Getchis, USA

Randy’s experience is typical. He lost 26 pounds – most people lose about 20 to 30 pounds on the program.

“Rob, being in the medical field I was skeptical of your procedures…Since I purchased your books and followed the regime I’ve lost 20 kg (44 lbs.)…” – Harry Melides, Australia

This is an example of someone who lost 44 pounds. This is not typical. But it shows that if you’re really dedicated it’s possible to lose more than the typical 20 to 30 pounds. But keep in mind it will take more than 12 weeks.

fat burning furnace review success stories

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Success Stories

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Fat Burning Furnace Review – What are The Negatives?

Fat Burning Furnace works but there are some important cautions to keep in mind.

  • Fat Burning Furnace is not a quick easy fix. It takes real work and dedication to see results.
  • The exercises are short but intense. You have to do some fairly hard work.
  • The diet changes and exercises are a major lifestyle change for most of us. Lifestyle change is difficult.
  • There are two optional add-on products that cost extra – a package of 30 videos to guide you through the workouts and a book with detailed daily meal plans.
  • The workouts are based on using weights. Some people don’t like the idea of using weights. But it’s the best way to tone your body once you lose the fat.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Do I Need the Add-on Products?

The eBook has everything you need. The 178 page eBook includes detailed pictures of the workouts and sample meal plans. But for many people the video option with the 30 workout videos is a good idea. I decided to get the videos to make sure I was doing the exercises the right way. I personally didn’t need the more detailed meal plans. But if you’re busy the meal plans option is a good idea. At first I resented having to pay extra but once I started the program I realized it was worth it.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – What Makes this Program Different?

In other words why does Fat Burning Furnace work when most diet and exercise plans fail? It based on the latest and best nutrition and exercise research such as increasing the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and more but I think the real bottom line is that it was developed by a regular guy, who struggled with his weight, for regular people. Most of the programs I tried before were developed by nutrition experts or professional body builders. They’re great if you want to become a professional body builder but most of us just want to get rid of some fat and doing some basic toning. The other key to its success is that it combines both a good nutrition plan and an exercise program that ordinary people can do successfully without spending two hours at the gym every day. Most experts agree diet or exercise alone are not enough, most of us need a program that combines both.

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Fat Burning Furnace Review – Secrets To The Fat Burning Furnace Revealed

There are millions of people around the world that are over-weight. In searching for a way to shed some of the excess weight, you might have come across fat burning furnace revealed.

This article will explain what the product is about and what it can do for you. The way this system delivers results is through a strong workout program. The secret is that the routine is like nothing you have ever tried before.

You can follow the program as explained in the instructions and discover ways to not only lose weight, but to keep your body in a continual fat fighting mode. Using a structured exercise program that requires reps done in a precise form, this system can deliver results.

If you follow the plan exactly as described, you should see fast and amazing results. Imagine how much better you will feel when the extra weight comes off. You can expect to have more energy and stamina to do the things that you want to do.

Many people have damaged their metabolism through crash dieting and improper nutrition. Even not getting enough sleep can have a huge impact on your weight. If you have harmed your metabolism, you might want to check out this system to find out how you can reverse the damage that has been done.

You can read about secrets to the fat burning furnace revealed and find out how to rev up your metabolism once again. Once you start burning more calories, you will feel a lot better.

With a hard working metabolism, it only takes a short amount of time to lose the extra weight that is slowing you down. With an increase in energy, you will be able to put more effort into each and every workout thus enabling you to burn even more calories each day.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – The Verdict

If you’re tired of programs from fitness gurus and nutrition experts that don’t work and you’re ready try something designed for the average person I recommend Fat Burning Furnace. It worked for me. Still not sure? Keep in mind that you can try it risk free. There is a 60 days no questions asked money back gurantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason you get your money back. If you decide to give it a try make sure to buy at the official Fat Burning Furnace website listed below. When you buy it online at the official website you get the best deal and you get some very usefully free bonus books not available elsewhere. Here is the link to the official website:

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