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#Burnfat. I think it is a good idea to have one day where you are looking to burn fat, rather than gain muscle, so I have dedicated Friday as the day when the fat melts. Now normally you will be training maybe 3 days a week depending on what your workout plan is, so those 3 days are focused on you gaining muscle, of course there is some fat burning occurring but not at the rate it would normally occur say you were concentrating purely on losing fat through cardiovascular activity etc.

One must be aware of some common knowledge – that is it takes –3500 calories to burn one pound of fat.

Now how many calories will you take in each day in your quest to gain muscle? Maybe 2500-5000 depending on what your goals are. That’s a huge amount of calories, but if you are looking to get ripped for summer 2012/13 or whatever other date, then consider this shortcut to fat loss.

Fat Burn Friday

The idea of this day is to reduce your caloric intake to almost zero, for the most part of the day you should be just drinking water – this will occur before and after your workout. You should be looking to reduce caloric intake to less than 1000 calories ALL DAY. Your workout should last between 30 mins and 1hour and you should be looking to burn in excess of 500 calories. With a -500 burn and -1000/1500 caloric deficit you have a negative -1500 +/-500 (2000) therefore in two weeks of doing just this, you will lose 1 pound of fat from your body. In reality minus the basic math, you could lose more than one pound per week.

fat burn friday sexybodyfitnessBurn the Fat Feed the Muscle Program – Does it really work?

If you are working and have no time to stick to a regime, then dedicate Friday to burn fat. Within now and summer you will have lost a good 5-10 pounds.

So what exactly do you eat during this day? As little as possible, consider a protein shake, or some granola, blueberry, yogurt combo for breakfast, then wait 30 mins then go workout. After sip green tea, have a small salad, and that’s it. If you get hungry then small snacks such as nuts, whole wheat toast and sardines as a main meal. The idea is to compose a meal plan of less than 1000 calories.

The Hardcore Version

I like the idea of having a day purely dedicated to losing weight, in the popular format of using #hashtags #burnfat and such on twitter, I called this Fat Burn Friday. The thing with this though is it relies on using fat loss pills, I use OxyELITE Pro. Wake up in the morning and have a glass of cold water, then pop two of these into you. If you are not used to them, as per the label then take just one. You need to drink water like a liter before working out, and continue drinking water during the day. The stim pills will reduce your appetite thus helping with this idea. Other combinations would entail using an ECA stack: Ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin. I have never taken this, I prefer the effects of the yohimbine or it’s counterparts with the inclusion of thermogenic compounds that are added such as cayenne or green tea extracts etc.

What workouts to do? Should be cardio at a reasonable enough intensity somewhere about 65-75% max heart rate. And you should sweat a lot. The rest of your day will depend on which method you choose, the hardcore version you won’t get hunger cravings the first version, you will have to still reduce calories…

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