How To Pursue an Exercise Science Career

If you are interested in science, but you also love sports and you lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle, you can combine your interests by choosing an exercise science major. This wide ranging field of study is based on science and analyses how physical activity and exercises have an effect on people. This is made to optimize the physical and mental health of individuals. A degree in exercise science opens a lot of career opportunities, ranging from fitness and physical therapy to clinical testing and cardiac rehabilitation. Everything has to be highly professional and following the rules and code of ethics.

A career in exercise science

A lot of disciplines are included in the description of exercise science, such as sports nutrition, sport psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor control. All these disciplines are studied in the course of preparation for an exercise science professional. The exercise science professionals can find a job in the health and fitness business and they know how to evaluate risk factors and health behaviors, to conduct fitness assessment and write suitable exercise prescriptions. They should be skilled to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid bad unhealthy habits. The career can be pursued in a clinical, community, commercial or corporate setting. Working in a fitness or wellness center requires identifying the health status and risk factors of customers and providing them with the help they need, like effective methods of exercise.

how to pursue an exercise science career

Responsibilities and duties in an exercise science career

Exercise science study how the body responds while exercising and doing other physical activities. The cardiovascular system, the endocrine system and the musculoskeletal system are evaluated and the gathered information is then used to improve the physical performance and health of the individual. In order to be a professional in this field, you have to get the proper education at a university that offers courses in exercise science or maybe some online schools. Then, you can work with individuals or sports professionals that want to improve their body fitness by exercising, or to practice exercises in order to rehabilitate the ones with injuries. Sometimes chronic illnesses are treated as well, such as arthritis.

Education and certification in exercise science

If you want a career in exercise science, you will have to get a bachelor degree. Usually that is enough if you work in a commercial or industrial setting, on jobs related to health, fitness and nutrition. If you want a job in a hospital, some additional training may be required, for physical therapy and physical education. As for a job in the educational field, a doctorate degree is highly recommended. If you are an exercise physiologist, a certification is required after the basic education. Before you can become certified, you have to pass a written and practical exam. You also have to become a member of the American Society of Exercise Physiologist. They set all the standards for ethics, professionalism and education. Once you are certified, you must continue working professionally and ethically.

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