Exercise Ball Workout – The Most Versatile Exercise Equipment Ever

Is an exercise ball workout part of your training and workout program? If you want to have those six pack abs in no time, you might want to make them part of your program.

The exercise ball is just flat out extremely versatile, you can do hundreds of different exercises on it. You can strengthen your abdominal muscles, your back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, legs, butt, hamstrings and more. The exercise ball is an essential piece of gym equipment.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training shares his three most favorite ab exercises using the exercise ball or commonly known as the stability ball. You may incorporate them in your workout sessions to speed up results or maximize your weight lifting routines.

I do them in between my power lifting sets.

Stability ball roll out

This involves you kneeling and placing your hands on the ball. Roll out to stretch while keeping your abs firm and contract them to go back in. This will surely work your abs as you go back out. This exercise will make your abs and stomach look incredible.

Stability ball jack knife

This can be done with your elbows on the bench or your hands on the floor, whichever you want. Your legs will be on the stability ball. As you contract your abs, you tuck your knees to your chest and stretch back out. At no point will your abs be relaxing during this exercise.

This exercise is excellent for building stronger obliques and muscles near the side of your torso. It’ll burn like crazy but it’s well worth it to get that defined sexy look.

Plank on stability ball

This is similar to an ordinary plank, the only difference is you place your elbows on the stability ball. This makes it harder for your abs because you also work on balancing your body on the ball.

Using your stabilizing muscles for this exercise is critical. It’s why this style of plank is so successful. There are dozens of smaller lesser known stabilizing muscles in the human body that surround the major muscle groups. When you use workout machines, they work within a limited predefined linear motion. This doesn’t allow stabilizing muscles to strengthen. By using free weights in compound full body exercise movements, you’ll get much quicker benefit with much less work put in.

exercise ball workout just what your abs need sexybodyfitness.com

Having the perfect abs is not the only reason for getting an exercise ball. Here are a few more benefits when you invest in one.

It adds the element of pain to your workout. Working out is “work”. However, by adding a ball in your program, you add the element of fun, which makes working out more fun.

You don’t want to get bored of your routines and therefor dread driving to the gym. You’ll start lacking motivation and inspiration this way. By having something that’s challenging yet fun, you can always stay motivated to train hard during each workout session.

It fits all fitness levels. You can either be a couch potato or a fitness guru for you to be able to use the exercise ball. It’s an ideal “first equipment” for people who want to start working out. It’s a lot cheaper and it’s sure to last a long time. Because mostly you’ll be doing lots of balancing exercises using your own body weight, even beginners who have never stepped into a gym can enjoy the benefits of an exercise ball.

It is so versatile you can even use it for an office chair!

It increases your stability and promotes proper alignment. Using an exercise ball during your training will make other additional muscles work and maintain your stability and balance through dynamic movements. As you improve your balance, the alignment of your body parts also improves.

It increases flexibility. Depending on the type of exercises you do with the exercise ball, it can also increase your flexibility as it easily helps you move into and out of stretching exercises.

You can even do yoga poses on it after your workout routines as a cool down portion. The list of benefits to this one piece of gym equipment is really endless.

It helps lose weight. With regular exercise using the stability ball, weight loss is just an added bonus.

So, what are you waiting for? Go now and get one and start your exercise ball workout.

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