Does Cardio Exercise Help With Fat Loss?

Is cardiovascular exercise the best way to lose body fat? Does this type of aerobic exercise really beneficial? In this candid, down to earth video, fitness expert Vince Delmonte calls it, “fat loss for idiots”.

Personally I do anaerobic exercise (power lifting) by lifting heavy weights that really releases lactic acid and builds muscle. But then right afterward as a cool down I’ll do cardiovascular training like running on the treadmill, riding a stationary bike, rebounding or doing the stair stepper machine. These are all designed to increase metabolism and get your heart and lungs pumping oxygen into your red blood cells for recovery.

He doesn’t mean to be offensive, but rather he simply wants to reveal the truth about burning fat. He poses this thought provoking question: Are the people you know who are ripped, shreaded and have a six pack, fit as well? He says you’ve got to develop the mind set.

Having a good looking body is different from being fit. And being fit has nothing whatever to do with being healthy? These are 3 different things.

That being said, I will sat that if you want to look fit, you’ve got to be fit. All across the country there are people on treadmills, rollers or ellipticals attempting to lose body fat. You’ll see people walking at a pace that will only burn 200-300 calories an hour, or others who are more interested in socializing with their friends, or watching TV than they are in working out.

Are you sweating profusely when you’re done training in the gym? Are there times in the gym where you can’t catch your breath or your lungs feel like they’re on fire? Well if you answered no, you’re not working out hard enough to get results.

does cardio exercise help with fat loss

Do you think this is the way elite athletes train? Do you think this is the way body builders and fitness models get fat off their bodies? Where is the intensity?

I’ve lifted so hard in the gym where I felt like puking. I’m not saying you have to get to that level, but you have to want it that bad. You have to really push yourself to go beyond what you think you’re capable of doing.

Cardio exercise will play a role in losing body fat, but doing an outrageous amounts of cardio to get a six pack is what Delmonte calls “fat loss for idiots”. Cardio Exercise, in conjunction with high intensity weight training, a paleo style diet and a life style conducive to getting a six pack, is part of the whole package that is important. But by itself, Cardio Exercise is the least effective way of burning fat.

It’s called spot reduction. That is, it’s humanly impossible to lose fat in only one area of the human body. If you want to lose weight in your abdomen, doing situps isn’t going to help. You have to lose weight all over your body.

Three problems:

1. The more cardio you do the more proficient your body becomes.

2. There is no carloric expenditure when the workout is over.

3. The more cardio you do the more muscle you strip off your body. These are the three reasons you don’t want to rely on cardio exercise as your primary source of fat loss. Vince Delmonte spells it out plain and simple. His program offers unique techniques and proven solutions to help you attain your desired cardio exercise goals.

As somebody who has been working out 5 days a week since 1997, I strongly suggest you take a look at the video below and if you think it’s something you’re interested in, click on the link below it so see what the No Nonsense Muscle Building workout system is all about.

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