Build Up Your Brain With Brain Exercises

Just like our bodies, our brains also need exercises to stay healthy and exercise. With our day to day routine and repetitive actions, our brain becomes accustomed to such activities and stops developing. Many of us have rather boring and routine jobs, so our brain slowly becomes inactive. It needs excitement and activity, so it can develop and improve. So, what are you waiting for, start brain exercises. Such activities will help you improve your cognitive abilities, such as your memory, language skills and spatial orientation.

Brain exercises- where to start?

One of the main cognitive functions of our brain is the memory, which plays extremely important role n functions such as reading, calculating and reasoning. As you may have noticed, our memory starts decreasing with the age. You are struggling to remember a phone number of an address, which was a piece of cake just few years ago. You are surprised to notice that you have troubles remembering the name of your neighbor etc. The situation is only going to get worse in future, so why don’t you start doing some brain exercises to train your memory. Here are few tricks. Listen to the radio and try to learn the lyrics of your new favorite song. Or try to learn at least one phone number of your friends each day, this will sure come handy one day. Your memory can be also improved by doing some activities differently. For example, try to brush your teeth using the opposite hand, or try to iron with the opposite hand. Such activities will improve the function of your bran, creating new associations in your brain.

build up your brain with brain exercises

Brain exercises- exercise your attention

You have probably perceived that as we get older we have troubles with our attention. With the age, it becomes harder to maintain our attention and focus on several tasks at the same time. Such ageing signs can be resolved or buffered by brain exercises that will help you increase you attention capacities. For example, reorganize your desk or your kitchen. This will activate your brain, since you will need to remember the new places for the objects you will need. Moreover, if you walk or drive to work, change your route, so your brain will activate to find the new way to arrive at work and it will be stimulated by the new perceptions. Another great exercise to increase your attention is watching the news is repeating the words of the TV presenter. This may look silly, but you will see that it is not as easy. In addition, try to combine several actions that you will do simultaneously, which will also help you improve your attention and the overall capacity of the brain.

Brain exercises- train your language capacities

All brain exercises related to language are excellent manner to improve your cognitive functions. In order to improve your linguistic capacities and thus improve the overall function of your brain, try to learn new words. While reading the newspaper, do not just skip the words you do not understand, look the up in a dictionary. Great way to develop your brain is to start learning new language. So, what do you wait, start exercising!

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