Build Six-Pack Abs

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It definitely requires lots of knowledge and dedication to build six-pack abs, and it does not happen overnight. However, it can be a lot easier than one might think. It is based on a perfect coordination of diet and exercise, and when done right, can happen for some trainers in as little as six weeks. It is important for anyone who wants to achieve this goal to know some of the best six-pack abs workout moves first.

You will need:

–  Large stability ball

–  Small, soft workout ball

Step 1: Although athletes and trainers might not want to hear it, the first step to getting six-pack abs is forming a proper diet. Start the workout regimen on the best possible intake. This means avoiding saturated fats, taking in lots of protein to build muscle, eating whole grains and no white flour products, and concentrating on getting in monounsaturated fats. This will make the rest of the steps to build six-pack abs much more effective.

Step 2: Lie on the floor and place the small workout ball underneath the lower back. Then, assume the rest of the position for a standard sit-up.

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Step 3: Perform a standard sit-up. These are crucial for anyone who wants to build six-pack abs. Lie back as far as possible with feet on the floor and the ball beneath the lower back. Utilize the abdominal muscles for stability. Then, use the abs to draw in the muscles and sit the upper body all the way up into a sitting position.

Step 4: Slowly lower all the way back down in a controlled motion and repeat. In order to build six-pack abs, this move should be done fifty to a hundred times per workout.

Step 5: Do a plank on the large stability ball. This is executed by laying face-down on the stability ball, with the stomach making contact with the ball. Then, straighten the legs and support the body with only the balls of the feet. Rest the elbows in an “L” position on the ball, and hold for as long as possible – ideally, twenty to sixty seconds. Take a moment to rest and repeat eight to twelve times to build six-pack abs.

Step 6: Execute a few sets of reverse crunches, a great six-pack abs workout. This is done lying on the back with the arms along the sides of the body and knees bent. Hold a small workout ball between the knees with a firm grip. Try to touch the ball to the chest by using the abs to bring the knees inward. Hold the contraction and release back to the start position. To use this workout to build six-pack abs, do twelve to sixteen reps with each workout.

Step 7: Finally, do stability ball tucks with each workout for six-pack abs. To do so, assume a plank position with hands below the shoulders flat on the floor, but instead of the balls of the feet resting on the ground, place a large stability ball beneath the shins so that the legs are on an incline. Then, try to roll the ball forward to draw the knees into the chest. Use the abdominal muscles for stability, and you will be able to build six-pack abs in no time.

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