BTV Solo Review – Does It Really Work?

One of the latest and most advanced software of music production for PC’s to hit the beat making scene is the BTV SOLO. It is introduced by a two-Grammy Award winning music producer named Dallas Austin. In addition, the successful launching of this amazing program includes the contributions of   who some other huge name artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Will.I.Am, and so on.BTV Solo Pdf 300x230 BTV Solo Review – Does It Really Work? The accolades is great, aren’t they? Well, well but it can have no mean once the  BTV SOLO does not help  you to create great music. Luckily, the author has a good understanding about one  thing or two about making hit records, and he includes these knowledge and experiences in this great software.And as a person who  had chance to try a demo of BTV SOLO, I’d like to provide you with the most vital information around this amazing system. Let’s consider it carefully and then decide whether it is what you are looking for!Visit Official Website BTV Solo Review – Does It Really Work?

BTV Solo Review – BTV Solo Details

Actually, this amazing program will be one of the most simple pieces of bear making software you can find. It  gets all the controls to be included in just one window, but the layout is designed differently from traditional tracks and layers that you often find  in other software. In addition, it allows you to use just  your keyboard or mouse to make beats with the help of one of the thousands of preloaded engineered sounds. Also, it consists of  over 100 premade loops. So you can comfortably and freely chose the best one for your workout.

The first thing I’d like to introduce you clearly is the layout. It doesn’t have  the traditional tracks, layers. This can be both good and bad because making music in layers is actually a widespread method in the music industry. What most user like about the interface is that it let you to use your mouse or your keyboard to select beats, so your process will become much quicker. In case you have a MIDI keyboard, you can make control over anything on the interface with it.

Moreover, this magic system includes over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds that you can apply to create up to 16 tracks. Circulating all of the tracks needs you to use your mouse or keyboard, and you can delete tracks you don’t like easily. This custom beats maker automatically quantizes  your music, It means that the program automatically fits the rhythm of your beat with the tempo you set. This is really useful, especially when  you find  your most recent creation a bit sloppy.

Furthermore, it includes a section of  edit WAV file edition,  through which you can customize  your sounds. Also, it offers how-to tutorials to bring you the clearest understanding about  the program as well as its interface. Last but not least, the company has also posted some videos related to the issue to YouTube as well. There is a also members section of the website where you can take part in the  forums and get help from professionals.

Ok, so do you believe such great features can combine to build a perfect BTV Solo Music Production Software? Why don’t you give it a try right now?

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BTV Solo Review – Advantages

  • BTV Solo – Ideal For Beginners: All components of the program, from the layout, navigation, to the  functionality and versatility are  specifically designed to serve beginner music producers.
  • BTV Solo – Pre-Loaded Sound & Drum Kits: There are more than thousands of professionally engineered sounds and drum kits available for you to  boost your creative juices flowing.
  • BTV Solo – Sample & Chop: You can introduce a song or movie audio clip that you really  like, and then  chop it up and change its sound to suit your own track.
  • BTV Solo – Tonnes Of Effects: It offers a range of on-board effects for you to build some weird and cool sounds so that you can play with.
  • BTV Solo – Custom Sound & Kit Builder: You can make your own drum kits and sounds ,and then you will have your own important signature sound that will be easily recognized.
  • BTV Solo – MIDI Controller Connection: You can attach an external MIDI controller device such as MDI keyboard  so that you can play melodies easier.
  • BTV Solo – Lifetime Upgrades: There are great plans to boost the capabilities of BTV SOLO, and you’ll get all those updated .

Yes, with some of the advantages as above, it is enough for us to evaluate about the real quality of this great software. OS do you agree with me that is is really incredible? What about downloading it right now?

BTV Solo Review – Disadvantages

BTV Solo – No VSTi Plugin Option: At present, it doesn’t offer any  option to install VSTi’s (virtual studio technology) on this. But I think it is just a very small problem, in comparison with so many advantages it can bring about us. Then you will not refuse to give it a check because of such disadvantage?

Ok, so after such a long reading above, what’s your ideas about BTV Solo? Is it great? And can it work well for you? You say  “yes”? So why do you still hesitate? Why don’t you t get the instant access to discover more great things inside it right now?

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