Blast Away the Fat By Eating These Veggies

Remember how hard your parents, teachers, and doctors tried to get you to eat your veggies when you were a child? While you may have fought, cried, and pouted about the idea, they were actually doing you a favor. Believe it or not there are vegetables that are high in fiber and vitamin c that are both key components in burning fat! If you didn’t eat them as a child, now is the time to reconsider your fight with veggies and you can start with this list of fat burning vegetables below.

Hot Peppers

hot peppers blast away the fat by eating these veggies sexybodyfitnessWho doesn’t like a little kick in their foods every now and again? Well if you love spicy foods you’ll be happy to know that hot peppers can do wonders for your quest to burn fat. Hot peppers contain a natural ingredient known as capsaicin which warms the body up. As your body temperature increases it begins to burn more calories. You can receive the same benefits from eating them raw, cooked, or powered.


cabbage blast away the fat by eating these veggies sexybodyfitnessSome might frown their faces at the idea of eating this strong flavored vegetable; however, it contains the least amount of calories and fat than any other vegetable choice. Cabbage is also high in fiber and vitamin c which again are needed to burn fat. You can find many different recipes for cabbage online including the ever popular cabbage soup diet. It also has other health benefits including the ability to fight off cancer and heart disease.


Celery blast away the fat by eating these veggies sexybodyfitnessAnother questionable vegetable for some might be celery. Celery believe it or not is a great way to lose weight. It is highly recommended because of its water content. Since it is high in water, it helps the body to stay hydrated throughout the day. Celery also has nutrients and vitamins, is low in calories, and also high in fiber. If you’re not a fan of chewing on a stalk of celery consider juicing for the same benefits.


broccoli blast away the fat by eating these veggies sexybodyfitnessIf you love your dark green veggies you will enjoy the fact that broccoli is a great source of fiber fit for helping to burn away that fat. It contains no fat, is high in fiber, and also contains a great deal of vitamin c. Because it has soluble and insoluble fibers which are important to your daily intake.

There are other dark green leafy vegetables such as brussel sprouts, collard greens, and spinach which can help in blasting away the fat.

These four veggies may not be your first choice of fan favorites, but they have been proven time and time again to really help in blasting away the fat and shedding pounds. Start looking online to find recipes to incorporate into your meal planning. Adding a few servings to you meals each day will significantly improve your chances of shedding pounds of fat. You can cook them, steam them, eat them raw, or consider juicing and they will provide you with the same great benefits as listed above. The more you eat them, the easier it becomes to enjoy the natural effects of blasting away those pounds.

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