Bicep Workouts: Three Simple Rotines that Produces Maximum Results

Biceps are some of the most visible muscles on our body; and if we aren’t in long-sleeves with them out there for the world to see, we still want them to be strong and fit. Here are Sexy Body Fitness, we got the workouts you can do to enhance your biceps and show them off when ready.


The world is a complex and busy place. While we may have the best of intentions concerning our workouts and physical fitness routine, it can be hard to find time to get to the gym. This is where knowing how to get in a workout during your spare time at home is a highly effective way to support your fitness goals and aspirations. Bicep workouts you can do at home can help.

Simple workout techniques like push-ups and sit-ups are well known and can be performed anywhere there is a clean enough ground to place your hands and body down on. For other muscle groups like arms though, figuring out a workout at home can be more difficult. In this article we will provide you with bicep workouts you can do at home, which together with push-ups, sit-ups, and squats or lunges, can provide you with a relatively comprehensive workout.

Understanding the Arms

Bicep Workout

Before providing the best bicep workouts to do at home, we’ll first clarify what the biceps are and how we can target them. Doing bicep workouts at home without the assistance of targeted equipment requires greater knowledge. The upper arms are comprised of the biceps and triceps, the biceps being in front and the triceps in back. Our arms are used to constant work and continuous motion, so to build strength in them, we must perform exercises that are difficult. Ideally those exercises are ones that we are capable of performing 6-12 reps of.

Building the biceps requires building strength, with the bicep being the muscle that is most commonly associated with strength. Ask someone at the gym in a sleeveless shirt which direction the gun show might be in and you’re likely to experience a bicep pose accompanied by a smile, or a refusal and a “Seriously, bro?”. The biceps are the highly visible muscle on the front of your arm, and to make them larger, we must build them through strength and resistance training. Much of this requires equipment to surpass the common movements we are already used to and won’t make us larger.

Bicep Workouts Exercise 1: Chin-Up

The chin-up is the most effective exercise to build overall strength and size in your biceps, and is one of the bicep workouts that we at Sexy Body Fitness most recommend. To perform this exercise, it requires an overhead bar or surface that you can grab onto. While a stair could work if you have access to it from below, a bar is recommended for maximum grip to prevent accident or injury. If you do not have a chin-up bar, there are many economical options available for chin-up bars that can be placed into the frame of any indoor door. The chin-up bar is useful for your biceps and your back, and is a fine addition to your home workout gear.

To begin your chin-up, grip the bar overhead and hang down from it, allowing your arms and upper body to relax. Your palms should be facing towards you, with your thumbs on the outside of your hands gripping the bar. Engaging your biceps, curl and life your body upwards, stopping when your chin has cleared the height of the bar. Pause for a moment at the top to hold the full flex of your biceps, then slowly lower your body. Extend completely at the bottom to allow for a momentary stretch as you relax, then again engage the biceps and perform the chin-up.

Be Persistent

Chin-ups will initially prove to be particularly difficult. It is best to perform 3 sets with a minute or two rest between each set. If you can only perform 2 repetitions, do 3 sets of 2 repetitions until the number can be increased to 3 and so on and so forth. As the number of chin-ups you are able to perform increases, you’ll notice increases in the size and roundness of your biceps. If you are capable of performing 3 sets of 10 repetitions on chin ups, then it may be time to consider investing into ankle weights or a weight belt to add weight to your reps to increase resistance and build more size.

Bicep Workouts Exercise 2: Plank Taps

Of the long list of bicep workouts out there, plank taps provide us with a relatively complex exercise that works much of our body simultaneously while also giving us a fine chance to work those biceps as well. This movement combines one of the key movements in bicep workouts with the plank, a common strength-building position that is employed in various athletic training programs and is also a central pose in yoga.

To begin, you will need a yoga mat or towel on the ground, or just the ground itself, really. Lay your body flat down upon the ground, placing your hands just outside your shoulders, and press up. The plank position if the top of a push-up. Your back should run a straight line down to your lefts, with your arms holding strong and make sure not to lock them out too hard to prevent strain.

From the plank position, we then will shift our weight onto both legs and just one arm, then in a swiping motion raise up the hand with no weight left upon it to tap the opposing shoulder. For example, you shift your weight onto your left hand, the raise your right hand up in a curling and swiping motion to touch the left shoulder. For added resistance, activate your biceps and flex it with strength as you complete the motion, adding tension to the movement, increasing the strength and conditioning the outcome.

The plank tap is one of the many bicep exercises you can take advantage of to build upon the overall strength and conditioning of your body while also targeting the biceps directly. Simply sitting or standing and performing biceps curls may help to condition that individual muscle, but engages very few muscles and thus burns few calories and does little to improve upon your condition. We at Sexy Body Fitness believe that if you are going to put in the time to work out, then it’s time to put in work.

Bicep Workouts Exercise 3: Resistance Band Curls

Bicep workouts performed in the home are best when they require minimal equipment, if any. The chest, legs, and core can be worked out effectively without the assistance of any equipment. Though when it comes down to the arms and shoulders, equipment is often necessary to bring your workout outside of the norm so you can begin to build upon your strength, conditioning, and ultimately size.

Simple equipment can be equally as effective as complex machinery, and one such piece of equipment that will add value and versatility to your home gym is resistance bands, preferably with handles. Resistance bands come in a variety of tension strengths so you can control the amount of resistance you receive. Having a range of resistance bands is best, as when you graduate through 10 repetitions and 3 sets at one resistance it is time to up the level to support ongoing growth in strength and size.

The resistance band biceps curl is an isolation exercise that is a great choice among bicep exercises to bring your biceps to complete fatigue. With each hand grasping a handle, or the end of the band, step both feet atop the center of the band, keeping the length available to each hand equal. Stand upright with a straight back and legs so that your arms hand down to your sides. From here, your palms facing forward, curl the band in a swiping motion so that your palms come as close to your shoulders as your flexibility and comfort allow. Return them slowly to the bottom of the motion, achieving a full stretch, then again contracting and bringing them up.

Of bicep exercises, the resistance curl provides a wide variety of ranges of motion that can be employed, and with changes in the band, the resistance that you feel. By controlling the speed at which you perform repetitions, the resistance band can be highly valuable in building upon not only the strength of your biceps, but also balance.


Whether it’s summer and you’re at the beach, or a cold winter day in the gym, your biceps are out there toned, strong and looking fantastic. Not all bicep workouts need be performed at the gym. They don’t make sleeveless shirts for no reason, and one of them is showing off those guns. Fit arms show that you know how to train; and whether you train at home or at the gym, fit biceps and strong arms are within reach. The bicep workouts explored in this article are effective in building up your bicep fitness at home, with the addition of weights giving you the opportunity to further increase your size and strength.

For more bicep workouts and other muscle exercises you can perform at-home or in the gym, check back to Sexy Body Fitness. We put out ongoing articles on how you can achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of through routines and strategies that fit with your lifestyle and schedule.

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