Best Bicep Muscle Exercises : Simple Tips

The bicep are muscles that most people want to make stronger and no wonder about that – it does make your body look quite impressive and powerful when you have your arm muscles trained.

What is important to keep in mind is that the bicep muscle is one of the smallest muscle groups in the body and therefore you should not overdo the training. Don’t work your biceps more than 2 times a week and don’t work it too hard. Do short intense work out sessions while you’re at it. By following these guidelines your biceps will definitely grow in a steady pace, and they will stay health and strong.

bicep muscle exercises

The best way to work your biceps is to do 3 exercises with 3 sets each, doing 6-12 reps on every set. Make sure you don’t rest longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds between each set. In this way you optimize the muscle growth.

the basic secrets for fast muscle gainStart off with some Chin-ups. Place your hand on the chin up bar with your palms facing you and start pulling your body up. In the beginning you’d probably have enough weight from your own body, but in time you can get a belt and strap weights around your waist for maximum results.

The Preacher curl exercise is also great for the biceps. Sit down at the preacher bench, draper your arms over the padding and then curl the bar. Use an EZ bar and alternate narrow-grip and wide-grip positions. The narrow-grip works the outer part of the bicps while curling the bar with a wide grip puts it’s primary stress on the inner part. In this way you will acchieve most from the work-out.

The dumbbell curl is great for shaping the biceps and when used in combination with other exercises it can really make a difference. Curl one dumbbell at a time while rotating your palms forward. When your biceps has gained full contraction, lower the dumbbell down while rotating your hand back to it’s original position. Make sure you do the exercise slowly and that the lowering of the dumbbell is done in a gentle motion. It’s not only about lifting the weights, the lowering is as important for the muscles to get a good workout.

By using this techniques you will be able to see results soon. Keep a healthy attitude towards your training and keep up the good work and in a few weeks you might be able to see a difference in your body.

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