4 Best Yoga Accessories Kits Available on the Market

For experienced yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike, yoga is a hobby that has numerous benefits. A yoga accessories kit can help you round out your practice. Below are the four best yoga accessories kits on the market. They have been ranked by quality, the variety of accessories included, and overall value.

1. Clever Yoga Kit

Price: $46.99.

a complete Clever yoga kit with purple items

The Clever Yoga Kit contains all the best yoga accessories you need to start your yoga practice (or improve your existing practice). It includes the following items:

  • Thick yoga mat.
  • Two blocks.
  • Eight-foot yoga strap.
  • Hand towel.
  • Large mat towel.
  • Carrying bag.

This yoga set is reviewed well by buyers. It also was featured in Yoga Journal‘s 2016 Best of 2016. Since it includes a variety of common accessories, it has all you need to start. The carrying bag is an excellent advantage since it lets you carry the whole kit to your yoga classes.

Some possible product cons include the fact that some users have noted that the mat is not as thick as expected and that it makes it too easy for feet to slip. It also does not include any instructions or guides, which most people new to yoga will need. The set is very affordable, as it costs $46.99 for the whole collection of the best yoga accessories.

2. Go Go Active Yoga Kit

Price: $25.99.

a purple GO GO active yoga accessories kit

The Go Go Active Yoga Kit, while affordable, contains one of the most diverse collections of accessories available. It also comes in blue, green, pink, or purple. It includes the following items:

  • Microfiber non-slip mat towel.
  • Two yoga blocks.
  • Microfiber hand towel.
  • Yoga strap.
  • Yoga socks.

The included towels make this kit a good choice for those who are hoping to do hot yoga. Additionally, the non-slip towel makes it safe for use in even the most challenging poses. One possible disadvantage of this kit is the fact that it does not include a mat or an exercise guide. This means that it may be most suitable for those who already have a mat and some yoga experience. It is affordable at $25.99.

3. Valeo Yoga Kit

Price: $23.45.

a Valeo yoga kit on a white background

The Valeo Yoga Kit is affordable and well-suited to beginners but any yoga practitioner can use it without problems. It is relatively inexpensive at $23.45. It also includes the best yoga accessories a beginner needs to start:

  • Sticky mat.
  • 72-inch woven yoga strap with buckle.
  • Two foam blocks.
  • Carrying bag with strap.
  • Yoga instruction chart.

Aside from price, this kit has several advantages. The sticky mat makes it a good choice, since the stickiness may make it harder for feet and hands to slip. The inclusion of the yoga chart is a major advantage as well since it gives beginners a place to start.

A possible disadvantage is the fact that it does not include towels because these are a necessity for anyone doing hot yoga. Additionally, the included strap is shorter than the straps of some other kits. On the whole, this is still a good choice for yoga enthusiasts.

4. Sivan Health & Fitness 5- Piece Essentials Yoga Beginners Kit

Price: $22.25.

a woman doing yoga with the Sivan yoga kit

When purchasing The Sivan Health & Fitness yoga kit, you will receive a high-quality set made of five different yoga accessories. All these items are essential for any yoga beginner, but they can be used by more experienced practitioners as well. The Sivan kit contains the following pieces:

  • Non-skid mat.
  • A yoga reinforced cotton strap.
  • Two foam yoga blocks.
  • A black carry bag.

You can use this kit at a yoga studio or even at home, for your personal practice. The Sivan strap measures six inches while the two blocks included in the set are 9.5 inches long each. The mat’s material is PVC, and it comes in two colors of your choice: purple or blue. All these items will definitely help you during your most complex yoga poses.

All the Sivan accessories are sturdy and made from high-quality materials. They will help you get fit and assist you during your journey towards inner peace. You can purchase this yoga kit for $22.25.

Drawing to a Close

Yoga is a practice that can help you relax, center your mind, and de-stress. Adding the best yoga accessories can help you develop flexibility and can also help you build up to more challenging exercises. When you think about what you need in a yoga accessories kit and then choose a kit accordingly, you’ll be on your way to your best practice. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these kits, or if you know of one that should have made a list!

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