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With around 209 million competing pages on Google for weight loss, it is not surprising that we as consumers can afford to be picky and aim for the best weight loss plans on offer.

We decide to lose weight for all manner of reasons, but we almost always fall into 1 of 3 groups.

  • Health reasons
  • Improve appearance and therefore self esteem
  • A combination of both.

In addition there are those of us who want to combine weight loss with exercise and those who definitely do not – not under any circumstances. I fall fairly and squarely into the latter!

In fact, there is growing evidence that exercise has little effect on weight loss. Just recently, the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine said that it is reasonable to assume that people with relatively high daily energy expenditures would be less likely to gain weight over time, compared with those who have low energy expenditures — Not very encouraging!

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But whichever group you belong to, the aims are always the same – to lose weight and preferably fast.

Perhaps the best and most direct way of finding the best weight loss plans, is to ask someone you know who has lost weight recently.. They will be able to tell you what the process was like.

– What was the diet plan called and where did they find it?

– Was it difficult to lose weight?

– Did it require a lot of will power?

– Was it expensive?

– How long did it take?

– Did they find the program online or did they visit a group?

– Did they have to replace meals with “shakes”?

– Did they have to take diet pills or dietary supplements?

The big advantage of asking someone you know and trust is that they will give you unbiased information, so you are not overwhelmed by “sales speak” and bogus claims. And on the subject of bogus claims, a good tip to bare in mind when searching online for weight loss plans or programs is to pay particular attention to the before and after photos. If they look staged e.g. the model is standing in the same place and wearing the same clothes, hair and makeup, there is a good chance they are “staged” and probably enhanced with something like “Photoshop”

Failing that, go online and use Google or another search engine to search for the best weight loss plans. As I mentioned earlier, there is a mass of material out there so you need to look and listen carefully to what they all have to say.

Here are some tips on choosing wisely:

– Keep in mind what I said about before and after photos.

– Look out for after sales extras such as special foods you may need to buy.

– Avoid diet pills and potions. They are at best a temporary fix and may be harmful.

– Avoid meal replacement foods such as “healthy shakes” and nutritious bars.

– If exercise is not for you, ensure that exercise is not part of the program.

– Check the price. Is it a “one off” or are there hidden extras you will need to buy.

Losing weight can be one of the most rewarding things you can achieve. It can literally change, not just the way you look, but also the way you see yourself and the World around you.

Whatever weight loss plan you choose, I wish you well.

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