4 Best Pilates DVD Options to Consider in 2018

Over the years, Pilates has gained traction as a way to build strength and burn fat in the comfort of your home. While you can go to Pilates studio classes, the best Pilates DVD will bring the studio to you. Below are four of the best Pilates DVD options available.

*The following DVDs were ranked by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

1: New York Style Pilates

the front cover of the New York Style Pilates Level 1 Beginner DVD

Price: $15. 


This series is likely the best Pilates DVD for those who are looking for something similar to the original discipline of Pilates, which was designed by Joseph Pilates. The series come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and workouts are led by Jonathan Ulra, a certified Pilates instructor.

This series is helpful for those who want to progress in the discipline, and some users have noted that the narration offers several helpful tips for executing the Pilates exercises. It is also very affordable – the beginner DVD is available for $15, and you can purchase all three DVDs for $45.


  • Sequential DVDs take those new to Pilates from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Narration and demonstration are very helpful.
  • Adheres to the original discipline of Pilates.


  • May be a less rigorous workout than some of the hybrid disciplines.
  • The beginner DVD may be too basic for those with pre-existing knowledge of Pilates.

2: Stott Pilates Intense Body Blast

the front cover of the STOTT PILATES Intense Body Blast 3 DVD Set

Price: $22.68.


This may be the best Pilates DVD for those looking to incorporate Pilates into interval training. This series has three levels that take exercisers from beginner moves to more challenging interval sequences. While it does not follow classical Pilates exactly, it offers a reimagining of the Pilates concept for those looking for interval-based training.

The Stott Pilates set has much to recommend it, but some users have noted that each DVD starts with commercials for the manufacturer. The set sells for approximately $23, making it an affordable choice for beginning or intermediate exercisers looking to get into Pilates.


  • Offers slightly more rigorous training than other options.
  • Is very affordable.
  • Has a few different levels.


  • Included commercials are inconvenient.
  • Does not exactly follow classical Pilates.

3: Winsor Pilates

the front cover of the WINSOR PILATES 4 DVDS RESISTANCE BAND WELLNESS PLAN A Guaranteed Complete Body Workout

Price: $29.95.


If your idea of the best Pilates DVD program includes resistance bands and an added wellness program, you may want to choose Winsor Pilates. This complete program is very affordable at just under $30.

The Winsor program is also used and endorsed by multiple celebrities, including Vanessa Williams and Melanie Griffith. The manufacturer notes that it is suitable for beginners and seniors, so it may not be ideal for those looking for a rigorous workout. The included workouts are fairly short, so they are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners or those who are short on time. This may be the best Pilates DVD for those looking for a very gentle introduction to the discipline.


  • Includes a wellness plan to support general health and better results.
  • Includes resistance bands.
  • It is a complete introduction to Pilates.


  • Workouts may be too easy for those looking for a challenge.
  • Shorter workouts may not be ideal for those who truly want to learn intense Pilates workout routines.

4: PiYo

three DVDs of Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit - DVD Workout with Exercise Videos + Fitness Tools and Nutrition Guide

Price: $72.80.


The popular PiYo program was developed as a hybrid between Pilates and yoga. Because it does not require jumping, it is an excellent option for those with joint issues. You also don’t need weights, so the DVD set is all you need to start. PiYo borrows the idea of “flow” from yoga, so each workout offers a nonstop motion.

The complete PiYo DVD set also contains a nutrition guide, so it’s a good choice for those looking for a lifestyle change. The whole set is a bit on the expensive side, as it costs slightly over $70.


  • Low-impact, so it is suitable for those with joint issues.
  • Contains a nutrition guide for more complete guidance.
  • Popular program with positive reviews.


  • Since this is a hybrid program, it isn’t well-suited to those looking for a pure Pilates program.
  • More expensive than many programs.

Drawing to a Close

In conclusion, the best Pilates DVD for one exerciser may be different than the best one for another sports enthusiast. If you investigate each option thoroughly, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best option for you. If you have used one or more of these DVD sets, please comment below and share your experience!

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