Best 500 calorie diet

If you are looking for a 500 calorie diet you have come to the right place.

500 Calorie Diet Warning

Before we begin, we need to make sure you know this is not recommended. Such a low calorie diet can be considered a starvation diet.

There are a lot of risks involved with such a diet. Do not operate heavy machinary or high calorie burning exercise. You can experience high levels of dizziness or even faint.

500 Calorie Diet Benefits

Now that we have established the risks let’s go over the reward. The key reward is rapid weight loss. By eating only 500 calories you will gain all the essential nutrients while boosting your metabolism.

In addition this will be a cleanse/detox diet. There will be no meat in this diet. We will primarily be focusing on fruits and vegestables. We will be cleaning the body of any impurities and detoxifing the body.

Tthis is done by drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient rich fruits. This will be a seven day 500 calorie diet. In these seven days expect pain and suffering. Your mind will play tricks on you.

best 500 calorie diet sexybodyfitnessBest 500 calorie diet

You must stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

Day 1

  • 10 cups of water
  • 5 lemons

This is the hardest day. We a detoxing the body. Flushing the body of impurities. Keep your sanity. It will get better.

Day 2- Day 5

Add fruits and vegesables. 100 calories for breakfast, 200 calories for lunch, and 200 calories for dinner.

Day 6- Day 7

Add carbs into diet.

After the diet maintain a healthy lifestyle. Know what you eat and watch what you eat.

If you would like to try a longer detox diet you can try total wellness cleanse. It’s a 30 day program. Click on the link below to go to the official website.

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