Back Muscle Exercises Without Weights : Simple Tips

This post is all about back muscles and there are a few good exercises that you can do. Some people go to the gym and put all their focus on the abs and the arms and legs and seem to forget about training their back. This is of course not a balanced way to work out and if you want your body to be shaped yet healthy and without pain you’d better take that time to work your back muscles. With a strong back you naturally gain a nice posture and you minor the risk of getting back pain.

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So what exercises are the best ones to give your back muscles a good work out?

The lat machine pulldown is great for building strong back muscles. You start by sitting down on the machine with your thighs under the pads and the feet on the floor. Hold the bar with a grip that’s a bit wider than your shoulders and then pull your arms towards the thighs while keeping them straight. Pause in the extended position before slowly bringing your arms back to the starting position. Do 6-8 reps.

Back Muscle Exercises

the basic secrets for fast muscle gainThe chin-up is another great exercise for building a strong back and also gives your biceps and triceps a good workout. This is done at the same machine as the lat pulldown and is performed by instead of pulling the bar down towards your body, you pull your body towards the bar. Do it either with your palms facing towards you or, when you want an even better work out, the opposite way. Do 6-8 reps here to and have the intention to lift your ribs towards the bar rather than lifting your chin up. In this way you get the best work out and don’t risk stretching your neck.

The deadlift targets your whole back and also the lower body. It’s a great Exercise to train many parts of your body at the same time. Stand with your feet shoulders width apart and while squatting down grab the bar with a firm grip outside your knees and with the elbows fully extended resting the bar just over your feet. Then lift the bar with your arms still straight, using the power of your leg muscles in combination with your back. Keep your back straight and extend the legs until their straight. Make sure your hips are ahead of your shoulders during the whole exercise. Pause in the extended position before lowering your body and the bar down once more. Do 6-8 reps.

These are three killer exercises for a strong and muscular V-shaped back that compliments a strong chest perfectly. Always make sure you keep your back straight while lifting weights to avoid injury and you are good to go.

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