Another Stomach Workout You Will Love To Hate

Are you still doing crunches even though you’re not getting results? You should workout smarter, not just harder. Here, we will share an abs workout routine which is one of the popular routines in Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training.

For those that don’t know Turbulence Training is an incredible workout and training program designed to utilize your own body weight. Most of the routines are incredibly powerful and can help change your entire physique.

It uses some machines, some barbells, dumbbells, and free weights. But honestly you can do all of their workout routines with makeshift gym equipment like putting books in your backpack, lifting cans of paint, jugs of water etc. You get the idea.

You don’t need a gym membership, lots of expensive machines or heavy equipment to really transform your body. You don’t. You just need some creativity (not anymore if you purchase this workout program – it’s all done for you!), along with determination, dedication, effort mixed in with a little sweat.

Doing hundreds of crunches can really be boring. What’s more, they don’t guarantee you results. Why else would you be doing it? Well, thanks to Craig Ballantyne, he’s given us a number of options to try. Who knows, your body may have already reached a plateau and his system may be able to pull you out of it.

Sometimes you just need to switch up your workout routines and try something entirely new. This shocks your body so that it doesn’t know what’s coming next. It’s known in the fitness industry as muscle confusion. When you do the same physiological movements day after day, week after week, year after year, your body no longer response because it’s totally used to what you’re going to throw at it.

It’s like the newness of having a new bike or car. Once you’ve had it for a few weeks it’s not exciting anymore. In other words YOU don’t react to IT the same way you did the moment you purchased it. The same thing happens with our bodies and our muscles.


That’s why muscle confusion is so critical. Keep your body guessing. You should be very sore after your workouts.

In this abs workout routine you’re actually doing 2 supersets. In the first superset, you start with a sideplank. If it feels painful to rest your elbows on the ground, you can pad it with an exercise mat. Hold your position and make sure your body is straight. Switch over and do the other side maintaining a straight line.

You want to hold each plank for 60 seconds. It doesn’t seem like much at first but you’ll notice it start burning at about the 25 second mark. Then by 40 seconds, you’ll feel like you can’t go another second. Trust me, you can just hold on and you’ll be so proud of yourself for what you were able to accomplish.

Without resting in between switching sides and within the superset, proceed to a stability ball roll out. This is a touch exercise. You should only do about 5 repetitions.

Guaranteed you’ll be tired and sore for a few days after this one.

On your knees, with padding if it hurts, place your hands on the stability ball, then roll out, stretching your arms, then come back in. This will target your abs and will prepare you for much more advanced abdominal and stomach exercises. After all, this is only the beginner section of the Turbulence Training System. This exercise will cause your body to stretch as you roll out so it may leave you sore the following day.

This stretching (similar to yoga) helps to elongate the muscle fibers and actually tear each fiber more deeply since they are spread apart more. This will help you to build up your core muscles.

Repeat these two exercises as part of the first superset. After 30 seconds of rest, we can proceed with the second superset. Make sure to bring a stop watch or some sort of timer with you to keep track of the time. This is a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise so you want to make sure your heart rate stays up.

Don’t let people talk to you during this time. Focus.

In the next superset, you’re going to start with the bird-dog exercise. To do this, start with all fours and keep your back straight. lift opposing arms and legs and keep them pointing to a straight line. Maintain this position for at least three seconds. Do six repetitions per side. It works out a small portion of your lower back to increase safety of your lower back.

Having a stable lower back is key for the health and fitness of everything you do. Pull your back and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Then move to the next section of the superset which is a cross body mountain climber. Starting with a pushup position, take your right knee to your left elbow, crossing your body as you do so. Do the same with your left knee and your right elbow. Because of the powerful cross contraction in your abdominals, it’s going to work your obliques as well.

This will boost your fitness levels tremendously.

With these two supersets, you’ll be able to finish the abs workout routine in no time at all.

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