Adonis Index Review – My Personal Story & Detailed Review

Adonis Index Review

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Getting into shape is an arduous effort, and the problem is that so many programs claim to give you the best results. The best way to find a product that works is to get advice from somebody who’s taken a program that has worked for them.

Hi, My name is Josh B, also known as Jbock on the Adonis Index Forums. I’m a regular guy who wanted to get fit and build muscle and after accidentally bumping into “The Adonis Effect” and Adonis Index Blog and months of wondering If I should buy, I did and am very very glad I did.

After seeing a lot of talk online about if the adonis effect is a scam and not finding a very thorough or detailed review about the program when I was doing my research,  I decided to do an Adonis index review because when I was researching the program I couldn’t find any detailed reviews from real users about “The Adonis Index” and it would have been very helpful, so here goes…

Note that this is a review though, if you’re looking for The Adonis Effect Website Click Here

I can completely relate with not knowing what program to choose when it comes to losing weight, building muscle and getting fit. There is soooo much information out there it kept my head spinning for days, and though I did end up choosing The Adonis Effect it took me months to commit and here’s why:

I was pretty turned off by my first impression of the site and you can hear all about it in the video below. It actually took me months to realize these guys (Brad Pilon and John Barban) really know what they’re talking about and the video explains how I finally became 100% confident I could bank on what they had to say…

John Barban Adonis Index Review Video

Does The Adonis Effect Build Muscle or Burn Fat?

When I was looking into the program it seemed very focused on building muscle which I liked because I wanted to “get ripped” BUT I also wanted to lose weight and melt away the extra fat.

After listening to many podcasts and reading all the information, I’d say the adonis index system is all about burning fat, losing weight building muscle and the perfect body proportions, it is focused on all of it.

Everyone has muscle underneath the fat, you actually don’t even need to work out your abs, you’ve got sexy ones right underneath the layer of fat blocking it. Since nutrition (as I learned) is 75% of the battle they certainly cover all aspects of nutrition and how to calculate calories, body fat, lean muscle mass and make sense of it all. It is a pro-active system to get you to burn fat and lose weight while building muscle.

John Barban Adonis Index Review Shocking Results

Is The Adonis Index A Complete System?

This was actually a very important question for me when considering buying the adonis effect. I was ready to commit myself to getting the body I want, I was ready to build muscle and shed all that fat to finally reveal those long lost abs, but will the adonis index workouts really provide me with everything I need to get the most out of my effort and hard work.

I wasn’t 100% sure when I finally jumped in, but since I was positive that John Barban and Brad Pilon were the real deal, fitness guru’s through and through and the fact that there was a private forum and community associated with it I committed myself to the program.

To me a complete workout and fitness system has to provide the proper information, provide support and motivation and do it effectively. After months following the adonis index workouts, listening the podcasts and reading the blog and often logging in and blogging and interacting with the community, I can say with certainty ‘yes, it is a complete system!’.

==> CLICK HERE To Visit John Barban’s Adonis Index Official Site

The Adonis Index Transformation Contest

Many do not know about the transformation contests because they don’t talk about it on the Adonis Effect website, it’s actually on John Barban’s personal blog where they announce all of the podcasts and contests. As part of the Adonis lifestyle community you will be able to join the contest every 3 months and compete against other members and talk smack in the forums 🙂

It’s lots of fun and adds that competitive drive to your motivation to getting fit and building muscle. While it’s not about winning for the money, taking home 1st place and $500 isn’t bad…you’ll need it for the new clothes you’ll need to buy.

I’m in it to win it this time, so join me, let’s see what you got!

Adonis Index review success stories

Actor Phil Shahbaz Gets Ripped and Wins Transformation Contest!

John Barban does a podcast with the winners and I always listen to them because they’re inspiring and you get some insight into what it took to be a winner [link below to download and listen]. I was surprised to learn that Phil was an actor and had Quadruplets! You can see him on IMDB here: Philip Shahbaz

It was a great podcast where he talks about his personal life and challenges with Quadruplets and managing 4 different jobs and how he just wanted it for himself and did it. The strongest message I got from him was to just go do it, there’s no better time than now and that anyone and everyone can be fit and feel great.

Phil talked about wanting the physique Brad Pitt pulled off in Fight Club and my hats off to him because he did it. Check out these pics below!

Success story by Phil Adonis index review

You can download and listen to the podcast by right clicking the following link and saving as – Download Podcast

John Barban Adonis Index eBook Review Download

We’ve shared pretty much everything there is to know about this system. You’ve seen pictures of the results, and we have stipulated how you can benefit from it and what it will take for you to get a great physique. It’s going to involve work on your part, but it will be worth your while if you persevere.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if you want to do this or not. You won’t regret improving your body, and you’ll love the way you look and feel once you’ve tried this program. Let us know if this program has worked for you and the way it made you feel.

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