Adonis Effect Review – Is Adonis Effect a scam?

Adonis Effect Review

A lot of men these days are extremely mindful about their body shape. Like you, many men are scouring the Internet for information that can help them achieve a body shape that women die to have. Naturally, this has led many to pick interest in fitness and training programs. As such, there are many products that have been developed to assist mean like you achieve the ideal body shape. The problem is finding a program that really works as its promised claim.

The following “Adonis Effect Review” will help you learn about one of the most touted fitness manuals in the industry created by Brad Howard and John Barban. Hopefully by the time you’re through reading through this review, you’ll be able to purchase the manual with confidence.

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Adonis Effect Review – The Adonis Effect Manual

The “Adonis Effect” manual (sometimes known as Adonis Index Systems) is a guide that entails step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the ideal body proportions to give you that irresistible, enviable shape that you crave. This program is the brainchild of Brad Howard and John Barban where the share lots of useful information on this all important subject. If you’ve done your fair bit of research about fitness training, you might have noticed that the most leading fitness coaches have built body shapes that reflect the ideal, attractive body they want their clients to achieve. This is something that the authors of this manual took seriously.

John Barban Adonis effect review book downloadThe Adonis Effect manual is one of a kind. It is specially designed to help men work hone their first impressions through the shape of their body. Like the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’, so you can trust this manual to be worth every hype it receives because it is the work of combined forces from two leading experts. The research done was intense and so you can only expect solid information in this breakthrough manual.

Precisely, the “Adonis Golden Ratio” is a scoring system that helps you know how close or how far you are to achieving your ideal body shape. The scoring system is premised on a special ratio called WSR, which has been shown by a number of researchers to be more attractive to women.

The best thing is that the authors have compiled their research in an easy-to-read guide that both a newbie and an advanced user can easily understand. This simplicity and ease of use has earned the manual a great deal of acclaim from users and critics alike.

The approach employed in the “Adonis Effect” manual is pretty simple – to customize your training regimen to individual needs. The manual is split into three parts, including the Burn, Build and Burn, and Build programs. They made it pretty straightforward to choose the program to start with.

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The specific content is detailed under the following sections

  • The Adonis System Main Program
  • The Adonis System Strength Endurance
  • The Adonis System Hypertrophy
  • The Adonis System Strength
  • The Adonis System Power
  • The Adonis System Exercise Gallery

In addition, you get over 78 instructional videos, access to an exclusive insiders club known as Adonis Index Insiders Club, and the Muscle Index Main Manual. You also receive unlimited lifetime updates.

Adonis Effect Review – Pros and Cons

Of course, this “Adonis Effect Review” wouldn’t be called objective unless it pointed out the specific advantages and disadvantages of this manual. Admittedly, every product has specific benefits and limitations, no matter how good it is. So here are the benefits of the “Adonis Effect”.Brad Howard adonis effect review success story by david banda

The first thing that most users notice is the simplicity with which the information is laid out in this manual. Most fitness programs are laden with complicated terms and procedures that are simply impossible to put into practice. But with the “Adonis Effect” manual, even a beginner will be getting down to business on the first day.

Another benefit is that the program is versatile enough to suit all fitness levels. It simply builds on what you already have, making it easier for your body to adjust. It doesn’t overwhelm your body at all.

You’ll also appreciate the advanced techniques in this manual, which are a result of meticulous research.

The scoring system is a huge motivational boost. You become motivated each time you get closer to your WSR ratio.

The simple yet detailed approach to the workouts is another thing of interest about this program. The authors don’t leave you guessing at any point. Everything is laid out in detail, like what you have to do to achieve a specific goal, when and how to do it.

Brad Howard adonis effect review testimonialsYou’ll also love the fact that you’ll manage to cut some fat with a couple of workout routines, although the manual is not a fat loss guide per se.

You’ll also benefit a lot from the customizable approach of this manual. Truthfully, every person has their own unique needs dictated by a host of factors, including body shape, fitness level, and more. So a program that is generic is bound to work for a few individuals. With a customized approach, you’re guaranteed to get results in the shortest time because the routines are optimized to your needs.

The “Adonis Effect” manual is delivered in a simple, portable format that is easy to access online.

There’s a 100 percent money back guarantee that comes with every purchase. This means that your money is safely protected as you can reclaim it within the stipulated time of the guarantee.

Adonis Effect Review – Cons

As with most fitness programs, you need high levels of discipline to be able to stick through with this program. For sure, it does deliver on its promises, but users need to do their part as well.

The “Adonis Effect” manual doesn’t suit people with body building ambitions. You might need a program that is designed especially for body building purposes.

In all, it’s not surprising that an overwhelming number of users have applauded the “Adonis Effect” manual. Besides helping them build the ideal body shape that is a magnet of women, they liked the fact that it boosts confidence too.

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