Abs Work Out- Get Your Abs Looking How You Want Now

Getting a good abs workout can be done “almost anywhere”, “at any time”. There is no need for “all this fancy gym equipment”, strapping you into machines and pulling you this way and that. All you really need is a level floor. However, “both floor” and “machine workouts” will be taken into account.

Ensure you are focused and warmed up before you start any exercise. Also when doing floor work be sure to use a training mat for lower back support, working out on a hard floor can damage your back.

Basic Crunches: Lay on the floor with your knees raised a little, place your hands by your sides or behind your head, whatever feels comfortable. Now using your shoulders to lift your body off the floor toward your knees, start slowly, feel the abs tense as you come forward and back. There is no repetition limit here, so keep going until you fail. Do this exercise for 3-4 sets to failure; this should be a good start to get six pack abs fast.

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Crunch Twist: If you would like to ad a twist to your crunches, you can enhance the basic crunch by, holding your hands behind your head with your elbows out. During the upstroke move your right elbow across to you left knee for 10 strokes, then across to the opposite knee with the left elbow another 10. After the 10 resume to basic crunches position for another 10, then repeat. Continue with the 3-4 set to failure with this technique.

Leg Raises: Start by lying flat on the floor, with your hands behind your head, then slowly lift your legs to about 8 inches from the floor and hold for 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds has elapsed, move your legs up another 8 inches and hold for another 20 seconds. The final step is to move your legs up once more to 45 degrees from the floor, for another 20 seconds, then rest. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.

abs work out get your abs looking how you want nowPlank: Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms; place the side of your hands on the floor in a fist shape. Push off the floor, raising your body onto your toes resting on the forearm and elbows. Keep your back flat (like a plank), in a straight line from head to feet. “Tilt your pelvis” and “contract your abdominals” to prevent your buttocks from sticking up in the air. Hold for 60 seconds, and repeat for 3-4 sets.

If you are in the gym, using the crunch bench with the crunch techniques explained above is great, you will have excellent abs in no time. Remember to keep going to failure, this technique really does help the abs grow and tone in no time at all.

Crunch Machine: The crunch machine gives the same effect as the crunch bench; however you can add your own weights to it. Always remember when lifting weights, not to over do it. Place a weight on the crunch machine that you can lift comfortably. 20 repetitions should do it, now increase the weight a little. Attempt another set of reps, immediately after the weight increase. This time keep going to failure. After the first set to failure increase the weight again, by this time you should be feeling the burn. Repeat this process for 3-4 set after the initial 20 set warm up.

Leg Raise Apparatus: Assume the leg raise position on the leg raise frame. Start by slowly lifting your knees to your chest; once again repeat this process to failure. Repeat the knee raises for 3-4 sets. Enhance the workout by slowly lifting the legs up in an arcing motion without bending the knee and slowly lowering. Once again repeat this process to failure for 3-4 sets. You can also mix the two leg raise techniques together, by first starting with the knee raise for a warm up set. Them moving into the leg raise to get the burning sensation.

Working on your abs can be done any time, try to do an abs workout before every training session. Combine all the techniques you have learned above and amazing abs will be knocking on the door of your stomach very shortly to get six pack abs fast.

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