A List Foods For Muscle Building

Muscle Building

You may be wondering what it takes for one to ensure the muscles of the body grows without any problem. This essay is going to take an overview of muscle building diet that one can maintain in ensuring that there is proper growth of the body muscles. Diet is the most important part of muscle building program for those who are packing on bounds of pure ways of building their body muscles. The body of a muscle builder relies heavily on the nutrients that one gets from the foods which they take. These nutrients provide a conducive and an encouraging environment, when it comes to building of the muscles. Although there may be an endless list of foods that help in building of the muscle, there are those that are common in every muscle-builder’s shopping list. Those very essential foods and common are the ones that are going to be highlighted in this article, though it does not necessarily mean that the ones which are not mentioned are not essential.

1. Water – A List Foods For Muscle Building

For most muscle builders, their main focus on diet is meat. But the number one nutrient contented should be water. You should not forget that 70 percent of any human being is water. The tissue cells, body muscles and body ligaments contain water. And most of importantly the blood of your body also contains a great percentage of water.

A muscle-builder needs to be in anabolic state. It is mostly recommended that they should drink an estimate of at least 10.1 liters of clean water daily. This is because remaining in a hydrated state will make your muscles to look full. Water also is a medium of transport of nutrients to the muscle cells making the nutrients that are consumed to become more effective and efficient at the same time.

2. Slow-Burning Carbohydrates – A List Foods For Muscle Building

It is important know that proteins are not the only essentials of diet that are associated to muscle building. Slow-Burning Carbohydrates also known as low Glycemic Carbohydrates are among the required foods that are sources of nutrients that are supported for muscle building. These nutrients are found in foods such as sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

Slow Burning Carbohydrates are normally stored in the muscles in the form of muscle glycogen. When a person does some exercises, it is this muscle glycogen that becomes the main source of energy. As a person’s glycogen levels reduce due to hard training, the intensity of the glycogen starts to reduce. This results to tapping of the muscles to get some energy, making the muscles to degenerate. That is why consumption of slow-burning carbohydrates is important so as to ensure that there is consistent generation of fuel during training without tapping of the muscles.

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3. Lean Red Meat – A List Foods For Muscle Building

Lean Red Meat is an excellent muscle building source of nutrients. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin, proteins and iron. The beef has got high ratio calories per serving ratio. It is however very important to note that Red Meat has got a high content of saturated fats hence it should not be consumed on a daily basis. The meat should be best incorporated on a weekly nutrition plan.

4. Beans and Legumes – A List Foods For Muscle Building

Beans are highly nutritious and delicious sources of fiber and protein. Fiber helps in maintaining normal healthy body movements. The fiber is very essential to muscle builders because it assist in use and absorption of various supplements and nutrients as well, which are ingested by the muscle-builders. The most important type of beans is the kidney bean as it gives 13.9 grams of fiber and protein per every cup.

5. Fish – A List Foods For Muscle Building

A muscle builder needs to eat saturated fat free foods and fish is the best under this category. The fish provides fatty- acids like omega-3 that helps in building of the muscles.

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6. Chicken – A List Foods For Muscle Building

Chicken has low content of saturated fats and it is also a good source of protein. Because of its low fat saturated content, the Chicken should be incorporated in the daily meals.

7. Egg whites – A List Foods For Muscle Building

They are one of the purest sources of protein in the whole world. The Egg whites are great biological value because a large proportion of protein that is obtained from the Egg whites is readily used in synthesis of proteins in the body. They also contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals though their content is very low.

8. Whey protein

After going through the different food sources for muscle building that can be found in all the serious grocery stores, the other very important source of nutrients that should not miss is the whey protein. Consumption of Whey protein is the best way to supplement the daily protein intake. This is because whey protein is easy to consume and prepare.

The medical and body exercise personnel recommends that, for the muscle building activity to be successful, the general protein intake of a a muscle-builder should be around 1.25 grams of protein per the body pound.. The protein calculator can help you to calculate your protein intake in depending on the number of kilograms that your body weighs. For more information about the protein calculator you will consult any nutritionist around you or search the information about it in the internet.

For example, if a person weighs 176 pounds, a protein content to be consumed by that person should be around 190 grams per day. This protein content proves to be a lot if it is to be obtained from food sources only. It is in such circumstances that whey protein comes in so as to supplement the food sources.

If the aim of a person is to pack pounds of muscles that are pure, that person must make a correct choice of those foods to eat. This is because some foods can end up adding mass to the body and not muscles as expected by that person. Those carefully selected foods are supposed to be incorporated in the daily diet of an individual. With the inclusion of the above selected foods, you must not have any doubts in achieving the physical body of your desire.

For a better muscle building process, consume a better muscle building diet. Also you can try Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer which is a very popular muscle maximizer program online for years.

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