6 Pack Abs Workout – Diet & Exercise Tips To Get Shredded

Everybody is looking for the perfect 6 pack abs workout. As a matter of fact, a lot of them exist.

But to be honest the old saying is true, “80% of success in terms of getting the body you want, occurs in the kitchen.” Think about it, whether you want to lose inches off the old belly or you want to gain size, you have to be eating the right amount of calories in the form of proteins, healthy fats and very minimal carbohydrates.

It’s mostly all about the kitchen and how you eat at the dinner table or at lunchtime. If you think about your body physiology, you already have abdominal muscles right? Sure they could be strengthened and get stronger, but why can’t anybody see them? It’s the lipid layer of fat that sits on top of them. They call this visceral fat.

Let’s assume you have your dietary and nutrional approach under control. I realize this is a big assumption because not many people do. But let’s assume you have it nailed. You’re eating healthy fats like avocados, raw grass fed butter, olive oil, raw nuts, raw grass fed free range organic eggs. Let’s also assume you’re eating healthy proteins like leafy green vegetables, raw grass fed milk, 100% grass fed meat with no antibiotics or hormones. Let’s also assume you’re not eating rancid oils like fried foods, oils in clear bottles, or cooking with these oils (you should only be cooking with coconut oil).


Let’s also assume the only carbohydrates you’re consuming are minimal low sugar fruits and vegetables. You’re not eating candy, soft drinks, white flour products, wheat or breads, chips etc.

So assuming you’ve got all that diet information under control, then you want to start a workout that targets your abdominal region. No sense in putting all that work in at the gym with your blood, sweat and tears only to not get results because you’re eating junk food.

If you get the food part right, you won’t even have to do that much core training because you’ll just be shredded, ripped and defined midsection.

So now that we’ve got the nutrition dialed in let’s take a look at some training exercises you can do to get that toned stomach.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne gives us two superset exercises for leg and abs which will strongly contribute in giving you the 6 packs you’ve been wanting. Craig Ballantyne is the creator of Turbulence Training a workout system utilizing bodyweight exercises that is absolutely ground breaking.

The first exercise of your superset workout is the dumbbell split squat. While holding a pair of dumbbells, get into a split squat stance. The stance should be similar to a lunge but you should be stationary. Now, drop your hips straight down, until your knee touches the floor, then drive it back up. All the work should be done by the lead leg. Do 8 repetitions on each side.

When you’re doing the split squat, don’t let the knee of your lead leg go over your ankle. Imagine there being a imaginary line that goes perpendicular to the floor starting with your foot and going through your knees. Make sure this line that passes through your shin and calves is 90 degrees to the floor.

Without resting, proceed to the next exercise which is the stability ball roll out. Using a stability ball, place your hands on the ball while kneeling. Roll yourself out while you stretch out and then contract to come back up. It’s a very simple move but it really works out your abdominals. Do 10 repetitions for each set and do 3 sets during your workout.

This will help stabilize the obliques and every muscle in your upper and lower stomach. It will really elongate and stretch these muscles while pulling them and tearing those muscle fibers down. You will feel extremely sore the next day if you used correct form on this exercise.

These two exercises are simple enough and these two 6 pack abs workout exercises are your guarantee of getting the 6 pack abs you want.

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