10 Core Muscle Exercises For Healthy Weight Loss

Core Muscle Exercises are based on the muscles of your abdomen and lower back. These exercises are known to boost healthy weight loss while strengthening your core muscles. Following the core exercises on a regular routine will help you tone your upper and well as lower body.

Core Muscle Exercises are known to boost healthy weight loss. These exercises involve working on core muscles in your back and abdomen as these muscles tissues can burn more calories. Muscle exercises are better known as strength training as they not only help you improve your weight loss but also to improve your strength and durability.

10 core muscle exercises for healthy weight loss sexybodyfitness.com

Here we discuss the top 10 Core Muscle Exercises which will aid you in your weight loss regime:

  • Bicycle Exercise: This exercise targets the muscles in the abs section and the waist. It is simple exercise where in you need to make a bicycle pedaling act lying on the floor on your back.
  • Stability Ball Workout: Workouts programmed with stability ball are known to work wonders for weight loss. You need to lean over the stability ball and make forward and backward motion using your hands and lifting your legs.
  • Chair Leg Raise: As the name indicates, you need to raise your legs while sitting on a chair by holding in your stomach. You can use the back and hands of the chair for added support.
  • Download the no1 Muscle Building Program TodayBall Crunch: Instead of performing floor crunches, use an exercise ball to perform the crunches.
  • Medicine Ball Workout: This is one of the Core Muscle Exercises for healthy weight loss. In this exercise, you need to twist your torso while sitting down with a medicine ball in each hand. It can help you burn calories as well as strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • Vertical Leg Crunch: Quite similar to regular crunches, you need to perform the crunches by lifting your legs. Leg crunches are beneficial to burn calories and strengthen your lower body.
  • Long Arm Crunch: In this exercise, you need to extend your arms behind your ears and perform the crunches. It helps in building a strong upper body.
  • Reverse Crunch: You need to perform the crunch while holding up your folded legs and contracting your abs to create a curling effect at the torso.
  • Front Plank: You need to lie down on the floor with your face towards the floor. Hold your hands beneath your shoulders and try to raise your torso without lifting your arms or your toes. Hold the position as long as you can and repeat the exercise.
  • Push Ups: This one of the helpful Core Muscle Exercises which will strengthen your upper body. Lie face down on the floor with your hands just beneath your shoulders and your body in tight position. Push yourself up gradually in order to tighten your core muscles while burning out the excessive fact.

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