10 Best Arm Exercises without Weights for Healthy Weight Loss

Arm exercises are known to help you tone and build your arm and shoulder muscles, thereby, providing you a strong upper body. Some of the best arm exercises not only help you to build a strong upper body, but also aid you in losing weight in an easy and healthy manner.

Best Arm Exercises without weights are developed in order to aid healthy weight loss.. Arm exercises are also known to develop a stronger upper body. You need not have to rely on heavy gym machines or weights in order to lose weight or obtain a strong upper body. Here we discuss the top 10 arm exercises without weights to lose weight in a healthy way.

10 best arm exercises sexybodyfitness.com

  1. Push Ups: Push ups are known not only to build arm muscles but also to aid weight loss. Doing push ups, the core muscles in the body are made to sweat, which in turn leads to healthy weight loss. They help you to tone and build the muscles in the arms and chest without the need of weights. Moreover, working out on the core muscles help you achieve strong abs too.
  2. Inchworm: It is one the best arm exercises that help you build shoulder and back muscles, and achieve weight loss. To perform this exercise, you need to bend down with your fingers touching the floor. Then move your hands forwards to perform a push up position.
  3. 10 best arm exercisesChin ups: This is weight free arm exercise to help you build strong biceps and back. You need to hang from a bar while bending your knees, and perform a pull up till your chin is in line with the bar.
  4. One Arm Push Ups: This exercise is similar to normal push ups, except that you need to perform it single handed.
  5. One Arm Pull Ups: Similar to chin ups exercise, you need to use only one hand to perform this exercise.
  6. Arm Circles: You can perform this exercise either in a standing or sitting position. This is one of the easy and Best Arm Exercises to help you tone your arms. Rotate your hands in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 15 to 20 rotations, while keeping them straight.
  7. Bench Dips: You need to extend your feet forward, lift yourself up and lower gradually while you are sitting on a bench and holding it tight.
  8. Bicep Curls: Here, you need to place your elbows close to your waist and slowly lift your forearms towards your chest.
  9. Triceps Dips: This exercise is known to tone your arm muscles by involving the core muscles of your body.
  10. Half Moon Rotation: This is one of the best arm exercises which requires you to rotate your hands while keeping your palms in the facing upwards.

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