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My Ultimate Pull-Up Review

A pull-up is the type of exercise which involves the compound pulling motions of the upper-body. This means that it is a closed-chain movement of the bodyweight, involving the suspension of the body by the arms, something gripped, and muscular effort is used in upward pulling. During the exercise, the wrists are straight, not extended or flexed; the shoulder adducts; the elbows flex, with the elbows brought sometimes behind or to the torso.

When a traditional pull-up is done, upper body strength is involved, but with no “kipping” or swinging, forcefully gaining momentum by using initial movement of the legs. The latissimus dorsi muscle is targeted in the exercise, though other assisting muscles could be involved.

workout plan for women at home with Shawna Kaminski ultimate pull up program review

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is the ideal guide for those who want to improve their pull-ups. It is the exercise common among those who want to lose weight, star athletes, young children in attend gym classes and of course, soldiers on the battlefield. Pull ups exercise is good because it helps in strengthening the muscles in the middle and upper back, forearms, biceps, triceps and the deltoids (shoulders). It can also work the glutes and abs. If you are one of the millions of people interesting in perfecting their pull-ips, you should consider getting The Ultimate Pull-Up Program.

Ultimate Pull-Up Review – The Best Fitness Product

If you are looking for the best product for fitness and weight loss, which really deals with pull-ups, The Ultimate Pull-Up Program will meet your needs, thanks to Shawna Kaminski, one of the most popular fitness experts in the world. The author, through his ebook, shares important things to help others in being successful in the exercise. But what really makes the ebook to be special? Well, the following paragraphs will explain those reasons.

How to Do the Right Pull-ups

Shawna Kaminski shares some important techniques for mastering pull-ups. He says that even if everybody can do pull-ups, it is a good thing to avoid it if you are 40-50 lbs. overweight. He also says that it is necessary to follow a program includes pull-ups and certain exercises in workouts for a minimum period of 3 times a week.

1. The Regular Grip (Proper Pull-up)

How should you grab the pull-up bar? What should be the placement of the shoulder? How should your hands be placed? How should your chin be managed? The ebook explains how to do this in a proper way.

2. Pull-ups (Negatives)

Negatives are half pull-ups, and through the ebook, you would learn how to do negatives. When should “negatives” be done, and do they have any relationship with pull-ups? To what height should you extend your chin? How should you carry your body? How should your feet be kept in the presence of gravity? The answers are provided in The Ultimate Pull-Up Program.

3. Assisted Pull-ups

To carry out pull-ups, this is the starting point, and the best ways of doing these are exposed in the ebook which has been downloaded by thousands of people. The book also teaches you that when you straighten your hips, back, there is a way you should bend the knees, how to pull yourself to the bar, and how to position the feet on the floor. This is why The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is a must-have for those who want to improve the shape of the body in natural ways.

workout plan for women to lose weight fast with ultimate pull up program by Shawna Kaminski review

4. Pull-downs

How should you do pull-downs? What are the machines needed? What position of the body should you maintain? Where should the bar be? All these questions are answered in the ebook.

5. Dumbell Rows

These are also important, and the way you handle your body greatly determines your success in the exercises. In The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, you will learn how to use the dumbbell and where your chest should be placed.

6. Biceps Curls

How can you do biceps curls? Where should you place the bar or dumbbells? How can you make use of a complete range of motion in removing the weight from the shoulders? Should you swing the weights; and to what extent?

7. Rep Ranges

Another good thing with the guide is that it teaches you how to use rep ranges. It reveals what you need to do lots of pull ups. Also, you will learn how to build your strength with low reps, while being able to do low reps with dip belt or a weighted vest. If you want to build endurance, you will also find the ebook to be useful.

workout plan for women at gym with Shawna Kaminski ultimate pull up program review

8. Grips

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program teaches that you can use a supinated, neutral or pronated grip to do pull-ups. Depending on your program, you could make the grips to be different or to match each other, or use movement to do rotation, like rotating handles or doing them on rings. The ebook also reveals some secrets as trainers use the range of motion which often vary. According to the guide, maintaining overhead straight arms is the fullest possible range (the shoulder below the elbow), while other movements involve maintaining the arms are at your sides (the shoulder directly above the elbow).

Sometimes, people train portions, like not allowing the arms to be locked at the bottom, or stopping when the chin/neck/head touch the bar, while those positions which are within the range are isometrically trained as well, as in straight-arm and flexed-arm hangs for time. There may also be some differences in the width of the grip. During the pull-up, when the bar is grabbed and held, according to The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, at shoulder-width, you can make your hands to be apart but also go beyond that, thus making the pull-up to be more difficult.

workout plan for women to lose weight and tone ultimate pull up program by Shawna Kaminski

Ultimate Pull-Up Review – Conclusion

With The Ultimate Pull-Up Program in your hand, you will easily build up your strength in less than a year, and if you need to lose weight, the ebook gives tips on the ways to naturally do that, including how to take good advantage of diet, weights, cardio vascular exercise and calisthenics. At just $39, this is like a gift, and you should not hesitate to get your copy.

workout plan for women to lose weight fast with Shawna Kaminski the ultimate pull up program

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