Kegel Exercises: Do They Work?

Pelvic floor exercises were known as old yoga techniques long before, but Dr. Arnold Kegel made a huge contribution popularizing them throughout the world, developing a system of kegel exercises for women who experienced urinary incontinence after they gave birth, due to the weakening of the muscle tone in the pelvic floor area. Many people today are wondering if those exercises actually work. I’ll be short and clear with the answer: yes, if done properly!

The kegel exercises

The pelvic floor exercises may be considered as bodybuilding exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. Almost every man and woman has exercised during a certain period of their lives, but bodybuilding, aerobic, running and other ways to stay fit don’t focus on all of the muscles in the body, and often neglect some very important parts. Yoga and Pilates are different at that point. If you don’t pay attention to the pelvic muscles in time, they will become weaker over time, because of the extra weight, age and pregnancy and childbirth with women. The weakening of those muscles can cause the organs which are placed above the pelvis (bladder, large intestine and uterus) to drop down into the pelvic area. That’s where kegel exercises come into the picture, because they help to keep the pressure of that area which has been affected, and help with the closing of the urinary tract.

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Performing kegel exercises

These exercises don’t require too much of your time, and they are easy to perform, simply by contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor. Women should feel like the muscles of the vagina are closing up during the kegel exercises, as if they are holding urine in. This technique is recommended to be performed on an empty bladder, and not at the same time with urinating. Moderation is highly important and you should not get carried away and think of them as bodybuilding – the more the better. Performing them too excessively can actually cause the pelvic muscles to weaken. They should be done daily, but only for a few minutes. The Kegels are usually recommended for women with problems, but they should also be done as prevention even if you don’t have urinary incontinence. The exercises control the rectum as well as the urinary tract. So this exercise is widely regarded as best women weight loss plan.

Benefits and side effects of kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are very important for targeting and strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle, which gives benefits at the period after birth. Women are recommended to perform Kegels after giving birth in order to prevent leaks which are not a rare case, although it may sound very delicate and inconvenient. Doing Kegels everyday also has benefits in the sexual experience for both genders, because those exercises affect the pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for the sensations. The most important benefit of doing regular Kegels is that they will prevent the prolapse of the uterus or vagina in women who are in post-menopausal period of their lives. However, if the Kegels are performed improperly or too frequently, side effects may be triggered and they could provoke worsening of the urinary problems.

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