Holy Grail Body Transformation Review – Does It Really Work For You?

The Holy Grail Body Transformation. That’s Tom Venuto’s new program, which teaches you to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. The title has a long name but the content is not “long-winded” and get’s straight to the point with a lot of scientific research to support it.

Having personally downloaded, and read, the Holy Grail Body Transformation (H.G.B.T), I’m now in a position to give what I believe is an accurate and unbiased opinion of the system. Obviously, you will decide if it’s right for you, and you’ll know what you can expect if you order Tom’s ebook. Who am I? I’m Richard Beale, and I don’t claim to be an expert in bodybuilding and nutrition like Tom Venuto is, but I certainly have a passion for healthy living through good nutrition and exercise. I’m familiar with the popular and well known programs such as Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (also written by Tom) and the Truth About Six Pack Abs. One of my goals is to help people fine tune their bodies and get the best from life while enjoying great long-term health. But enough about me, Tom Venuto’s the man we’re here to discuss, or more to the point, his latest Holy Grail Body Transformation program.

Holy Grail Body Transformation Review – Who’s Tom Venuto?

Tom venuto holy grail body transformation program reviewsNow, you may be aware that Tom Venuto is well known as one of the world’s experts on building muscle and fat loss. For over ten years, he has been writing and publishing online and he’s also been featured in the US, Italian and Australian editions of Ironman plus bodybuilding and fitness print magazines, including Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular Development, Exercise for Men, Men’s Exercise and Men’s Fitness.

Tom has been involved in pretty well every aspect of the fitness and weight loss industry since he started in 1989. He’s been a personal trainer, motivation coach, nutrition consultant, fitness model, as well as a health club manager and of course a best-selling author.

I won’t go into all of his achievements, but I need to mention that since Tom’s been training (starting 1983), he’s competed twenty-eight times in bodybuilding since 1989. A really important fact is that Tom is totally steroid-free, and that’s what’s known as a “lifetime natural” in bodybuilding circles. Tom won a string of titles, which include the Mr. Natural New Jersey, Natural Pennsylvania, Natural New York State, Natural Mid Atlantic States and NPC Natural Eastern Classic championships. Last but not least, Tom also won 2nd place in the Mr. Natural USA and 2nd in the Mr. Natural North America contests.

Simply stated, when it comes to fat loss and body building, Tom Venuto knows his stuff and can help every one of us with our muscle building and fat loss goals, whatever they may be. His photo says it all regarding his success in this field. 🙂

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Why did Tom write the Holy Grail Body Transformation program?

OK then. If Tom Venuto wrote “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” (which is truly one of the best fat loss, diet ebook/programs written) then what’s the Holy Grail Body Transformation all about. Here’s what Tom says in the opening sentences of HGBT to clear up any misconceptions. I’m sure Tom won’t mind quoting this little excerpt from page 1:

“Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Have I gone mad? Have I “sold out” and joined the weight loss and muscle building opportunists who make wild claims to sell diet and training courses? Aren’t I the guy who always said it’s impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Don’t worry, I haven’t gone crazy, I haven’t sold out and won’t hear any claims from me that can’t be backed up from science.

Let me start off by making one thing very clear: Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is possible and I’ve said that for years. Let me quote myself from my book Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle, which was first published in 2002:

It’s common to see a large decrease in body fat with a small decrease in lean body mass. It’s also common to see a large increase in lean body mass with a small decrease in body fat.

However, I tempered that statement by continuing as follows:

One thing you will rarely see is a large increase in lean body mass and a large decrease in body fat.”

Tom definitely hasn’t lowered his high standards in an attempt to cash in by selling more copies of this new course.

holy grail body transformation program review ebook pdf download

There are 3 reasons he created this program.

  • The first one being to counter some of the exaggerated claims mentioned above.
  • The second was that, due to the almost insatiable demand for knowledge on how to gain muscle while losing fat, Tom believed his manual on the subject would prove useful, not only for bodybuilders and physique athletes, but also many others interested in body composition improvements.
  • Thirdly, Tom says that, while his own beliefs on the subject haven’t fundamentally changed, they have expanded somewhat. This course teaches you about such things as nutrient timing, cyclical dieting and lifestyle strategies to make it possible to gain muscle and lose fat during a training/nutrition cycle.

Overview Of The Holy Grail Body Transformation

The manual is divided into roughly 6 parts as follows:

  • Part 1. (Page 5 – 15) Theory and science – In this section you learn about the physiological process by which you gain muscle and lose fat and how these processes can be manipulated by the right nutrition program. Tom discusses the science behind all of this.
  • Part 2. (Page 16 – 28) The specific techniques to make it all happen. This is the core of the holy grail transformation system. An eating program based on such things as within-day nutrient timing, within-week energy balance and nutritional periodization. Don’t worry if this all makes your eyes glaze over, as Tom explains all these terms clearly.
  • Part 3. (Page 29 – 35) This covers both the cardio training and general weight training guidlines, plus a complete training program is included as a bonus as part of the downloadable ebook.
  • Part 4. (Page 36 – 39) Lifestyle factors are very important and Tom focuses on the two main factors so that you don’t end up undoing all the other good activities. The program “conclusion” runs from page 40 – 44.
  • Part 5. Here you’ll another 19 pages of very useful appendices, which are sample meal plans, calorie calculators, and the amazing Burn the Fat 2.0 food database.
  • Part 6. This is a great bonus that Tom Venuto’s included. His complete “T.N.B.” (The New Bodybuilding) workout program, along with his “Within-Day Energy Balance” special report. (Another 30 pages in total).

I should also mention, for those who are really scientifically inclined, on page 44 Tom has included some selected references are included from peer reviewed journals. Most of us don’t want to drill down to that level of detail though. We just want to know what works and how we can fit it into our lives to achieve the best results possible.

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Does it work? Can you really lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

The answer is that you can and you can’t. That sounds really ambiguous, but keep reading as it’ll become clear. You can’t lose fat and gain muscle at the EXACT SAME TIME, since losing fat usually requires some calorie restriction, while gaining muscle may require an increase in calories. Just like a car trying to go forward and reverse at the same time, it just won’t work. BUT, you can burn fat and gain muscle OVER A SHORT SPACE OF TIME. Tom reveals how this is done.

Holy grail body transformation program by Tom venuto resultsSo when we talk about losing fat and gaining muscle concurrently in this instance, we’re not talking about any one precise moment. Concurrently in the Holy Grail Body Transformation system can mean “on the same day, in the same week, or month” etc. So, not an exact moment, but rather a short space of time. This can definitely be done and is all scientifically based. What’s more Tom Venuto strongly supports his methods with case studies and cites a wide variety of research references.

One of the qualities I appreciate about Tom is that he puts forth the truth, rather than making exaggerated claims and hyping things up in order to make sales. This guide of his is no exception and it’s clear that, Tom is wanting to “paint a true picture” and not make false promises. Naturally, Tom values his reputation and wants nothing to do with scammers and shady marketers. While he may be hesitant about making big promises, you can rest assured that Tom clearly states that by taking action and implementing the right workout/nutrition routine, you can lose body weight and build lean muscle at the same time.

Who Would Benefit From The Holy Grail Transformation Program?

Let me start by saying that, if you’re a person that is just wanting to shed a few pounds (or kilos) without putting in any serious effort, then this program is probably not for you. Something like Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (also by Tom Venuto) would be a better solution, which can also take you to an advanced level. The HGBT program is definitely not for lazy people, procrastinator types, and I’d be very surprised if you’re one of those, since you’ve read this far!

Having said that, it is a program that benefit average (motivated) men and women. It’s not just for athletes or bodybuilders, so it is definitely doable. If you’re someone who’s looking to achieve above average results, you’re prepared to follow the eating guides and workout hard, Holy Grail Body Transformation program should be a great investment for you.

Tom reveals his secrets on cycling of calories and carbs so that you’ll be able to reach your desired goals of fat loss and muscle gain. You may want to go for major fat loss while gaining a relatively small amount of muscle. Or maybe you’d prefer to focus on serious muscle growth with minor fat loss? Maybe somewhere in the middle is better for you with a combination of moderate muscle gain and fat loss together, which can also give you amazing body transformation results. HGBT gives you the tools to customise your own nutrition formula to suit.

Tom venuto holy grail body transformation program review pdf ebook download

Let me ask you a couple of questions? Are you prepared to really get stuck in to some serious strength training mixed with selected cardio exercises? Are you ready to follow an eating plan as closely as you can? If so, you can also be prepared to see some amazing body transformation results.

As the old saying goes, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!” Probably quicker than you expect if you’re diligent in applying yourself to the program. One thing that you can do overnight (or at least quite quickly) is read the HGBT book. It is laid out and written in a clear manner, though it may be slightly overwhelming to begin with for some people, since it’s not a basic calorie balancing, weightloss type of program. Having said this, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a great reader, you’ll find it to be well worth reading, since this cutting edge book could provide the breakthrough you need in getting the body you desire.

Ok. Just before we wrap this up and summarize the program, what do you get with the HGBT?

The Holy Grail Body Transformation system is 74 pages (see overview above) of solid information, 30 pages of which are “The New Bodybuilding” workout program and the “Within-Day Energy Balance” special report. In addition to this is another 19 pages of useful appendices and you can see above in the “Brief Overview” section for more details on the appendices.

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What Are The Special Bonuses Included?

This bonus section of book is impressive and in my opinion, on it’s own, is worth the price of the ebook. The first bonus is known as:

T.N.B. – The New Bodybuilding Workout Program – This workout program section is only 10 pages long, but it’s really complete and comprehensive. Tom writes in the conclusion section, “This is the original T.N.B. workout and you can’t get this complete program in any magazine – not even Men’s Fitness (they don’t have enough room to print all these details)…”

The New Bodybuilding Workout Program (T.N.B.) shows you how to build both form and function in as little as 3 or 4 workouts per week. What this means is that you’ll be building a very aesthetically pleasing body shape, that’s both strong, athletic-looking and muscular. This is what most people want, rather than going to the extremes that pro bodybuilders need to go to in order to develop their highly symmetrical and refined physiques. We must point out too that this workout of Tom’s is designed for women too, with no chance of you looking like a muscle-bound male. It’ll work wonders for you too, if you apply yourself to it.

The second bonus is:

The “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” Food Database, which is found in Appendix 3 is an excellent resource where vital information on over 300 foods has been compiled. Each food has the following useful data listed: Calories, protein, carbs, fat and fiber. This is invaluable when it comes to making decisions about what to eat. This calorie and nutrient database has be broken down into seven categories for easy reference. They are:

  • Lean Proteins
  • Starchy Vegetables, Grains, Beans & Legumes (Natural Complex Carbs)
  • Dairy Products (Lean Protein & Natural Simple Carbs)
  • Bread, Cereal, Pasta and Grains (Lightly Processed Complex Carbs)
  • Fruit (Natural Carbs)
  • Fibrous Vegetables & Greens (Natural Complex Carbs)
  • Fats, Oils, Nuts & Seeds

You’ll find this to be very handy in your journey to becoming leaner, stronger and healthier.

Tom venuto holy grail body transformation program review testimonials and success stories

Summary Of The HGBT Program

Let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of the HGBT system:

Pros of Holy Grail Body Transformation

  • An ebook that can be easily downloaded and printed on a home printer if desired
  • Written by an expert – Tom Venuto – Highly respected in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.
  • The HGBT is soundly based on scientific research, as are all of Tom’s books and articles.
  • The system is relatively simple to read and follow.
  • HGBT encourages healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.
  • An eight week, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee is provided with the course.

Cons of Holy Grail Body Transformation

  • The Holy Grail Body Transformation program may be simple, but it’s not easy and requires some work and persistence.
  • HGBT is not suited to those who want just a simple weight loss progam or want to drop off a few pounds in weight.

Holy Grail Body Transformation Review – Conclusion

As I’ve said earlier, the Holy Grail Body Transformation program is not suitable for everyone. If you’re a person who’s wanting a program to help you simply lose a bit, or a lot, of weight mainly through diet, and not much exercise, then this is not for you. It may be that you should begin with a comprehensive system like Burn the Fat.” However if you ARE someone who’s ready to take things to the next level, and really want to gain muscle and lose fat over a short time period, then we can really recomend Holy Grail Body Transformation to you. You’ll need to be prepared to put in some real work at the gym, and if you’re prepared to follow Tom Venuto’s wise advice on nutriton as well, then this should prove to be an excellent investment for you.

If you are hesitant and you’re not sure whether it could work for you, then it’s reasurring to know that Tom provides you with an 8 week, 100% money back guarantee on the Holy Grail Body Transformation Program. It currently sells only online for a pre-launch special price of $29.72 which represents great value when considering the quality of the information presented, however if you don’t like the ebook for ANY reason, Tom will refund your money within 48 hours.

Whatever you decide, I wish you great success with your body transformation and health!

Holy grail body transformation program by Tom venuto ebook pdf download


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