How To Get Rid Of Your Stomach Fat : 8 Simple Steps

Looking for a way to get rid of stomach fat using compound exercises that you can do anywhere? With a kettlebell, you can achieve superior results with just a few exercises a day. Or a few times per week. I’m not promising that you’ll build muscles with only a few minutes a day. What I’m promising is if you keep up with the regimen we’re showing you, then you can expect results that you can see in a matter of weeks.

For this short program, all you need is a kettlebell. You can use a dumbbell as a substitute. However, a kettlebell gives that added maneuverability you won’t get with a dumbbell. A kettlebell is all you need because you’ll be alternating kettlebelle exercise and bodyweight workout.

If you haven’t looked into the amazing benefits of using kettlebells. In my gym, we have a whole rack of kettlebells and I never see anybody using them. We also have a rebounder and I just want to shake people. They’re spending all their time on machines and neglecting the tools and equipment that will be most beneficial to their health and fitness.

Back to this amazing body weight circuit routine.

We’ll outline the program for you here in this article. You can consider it as your guide for performing this routine of 10×20 (10 exercises by 20 repetitions.) Stick to this program and you’ll be sure to get results with just a kettlebell at your disposal.

Trust me, you’re going to be screaming for mama by the time you’re done with all 3 circuits. Believe me on that.

Kettlebell Squats

While keeping the kettlebell tucked in your chest, perform squats. Perform 20 repetitions. If you think you can handle it, go as high as you can on the weight on the kettlebell.

This is excellent for your butt, your hamstrings, hip flexibility, calves and balance.

get rid of stomach fat can you do it

Extended pushups

Go into pushup position. Move your hands upward (further away from your feet). Perform the pushup. This will make it harder and will make your abs work harder as you go down. Do 20 Reps.

Doing it this way elongates your upper body and torso and engages your core and keeps the fast twitch muscle fibers working the entire time.

Kettlebell Swings

With legs apart and both hands holding the kettlebell, push the kettlebell as high as you can using your hips. As the kettlebell goes up, stand upright with wide stance. As the kettlebell goes down, make it go in between your legs as you assume a position similar to squatting. 20 repetitions should be enough.

By this time your heart rate should be increasing, your lungs should be almost on fire.

Walking lunges

Do lunges as you alternate with each leg. Do 20 for each leg. With one hand on the kettlebell, squat and pull the kettlebell as high as you can as you extend your hand forward. Do 20 for each side.

This is excellent to improve timing, balance and agility.

Mountain climber

Get down on all fours with your body in a straight line. Tuck in one leg and extend back out and alternate with the other leg. Do 20 for each leg.

The mountain climber helps to improve shoulder strength (your outer deltoids) and your abdominal muscles as well. Not to mention it’s excellent for balance and coordination.

One Arm Swing

It’s a lot similar to a high pull. The only difference is you’ll be using your hips to swing the kettlebell forward. Do 20 for each arm. The one arm swing allows you to expend the most amount of energy and focus it on one side of the body, for your shoulders. This helps concentrate the hypertrophy to the one shoulder instead of splitting it between both shoulders.

Closed Pushups

Do regular pushups with your elbows tucked in as you go down. For beginners, you can make it easier by doing inclined pushups. For advanced practitioners, you can try elevating your legs for more resistance. Do 20 repetitions.

This is excellent for your obliques and triceps at the back of your arms. If you don’t want flabby arms that hang off when wearing tank tops later in life, get into these!

get rid of stomach fat can you do it

Kettlebell One Arm Row

With one leg forward, lean forward and perform one armed rows with a kettlebell. As you pull the kettlebell up, twist your arms in order to target more muscles. Do 20 for each side.

If you can balance your off elbow on top of your bent knee this makes a much more natural movement based on human physiology.

Stability Ball Leg Curls – On your back with your legs on top of a stability ball. Keep your body straight. Bend your knees while keeping your thighs parallel with your whole body. Do 20 repetitions.

Follow this routines religiously and you’ll be able to get results, all in the comfort of your own home. And who says you can’t get rid of stomach fat?

I hope you were able to learn a fun new routine that’s sure to add some spice to your existing boring workout routines. I suggest breaking up your heavy strength training routines with a week of these body weight workouts.

It keeps the muscle confusion high and your body ripped. Then after one week of this you can go back to your power lifting or bodybuilding routines. Keep your muscles and mind guessing!

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