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Sprint Interval Training Tips & Benefits

If you have been following fitness trends for some time now, you likely are familiar with the benefits of sprint interval training. Even if you’re new to fitness or just getting back into it, you may have

4 Best Pilates DVD Options to Consider in 2017

Over the years, Pilates has gained traction as a way to build strength and burn fat in the comfort of your home. While you can go to Pilates studio classes, the best Pilates DVD will bring the

Top 4 Best Pilates Reformer Options on the Market in 2017

A Pilates reformer is an invaluable tool when it comes to flexibility, strength, and balance. For the uninitiated, a reformer is a workout tool involving a platform, springs, and handles. Exercisers can do a huge variety of

4 Best Pilates App Options to Try in 2017

The intersection of technology and fitness has brought us many innovations to improve your workout. For those looking to learn to do Pilates or improve upon what they already know, the right app may well be just

4 Best Core Exercises for Women to Burn Belly Fat

For many women, a tight and toned core is an important yet elusive goal. While it isn’t possible to spot-reduce fat, the right core exercises will enable you to build strong abdominal muscles. You will then reveal

The Best Workout Songs for Your Fitness Routine

Any fitness enthusiast knows that the right music can help you power through a difficult workout. But sometimes, it’s easy to find yourself wanting new music to set the soundtrack for your fitness routine. In this article,

What to Do to Avoid Muscle Soreness after an Intense Workout -5 Tips

Chances are that it’s happened to you at least once – you have an incredible workout, you feel great immediately after, and then the next day, you get hit with incredible muscle soreness. Delayed-onset muscle soreness, or

How to Increase Muscular Strength and Endurance through Workouts

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a recreational fitness enthusiast who enjoys challenging yourself, you may want to find new ways to increase both muscular strength and endurance. While there are many ways to do each,

The Best Workout Clothes You Should Wear During Physical Activity

When working out, it is critical that you wear the appropriate clothes that support your body and allow for ease of movement. Plenty of high-tech workout clothes offer moisture wicking, heat trapping, quick drying and special fabrics

The Best Full Body Workout Routine to Consider – 3 Options

Some people think a full body workout routine means doing hours of different exercises to get toned. However, there are really only three exercises you need to be doing to get your body in top shape. These