Best Ab Workout For Men: 5 Exercises That Work!

So what’s the best ab workout for men you ask? To be 100% honest, there isn’t one. Losing your flabby abdomen happens in the kitchen not in your health club. That being said, we’ll talk about a

Do You Know How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast?

Everybody wants a set of 6 packs. It’s the perfect image of bodybuilding fitness. In fact, even non bodybuilding nuts want a six pack abs fast. The problem is that nobody really wants to work for them.

My Favorite Ab Workout Routine That Gets Results

The abs are an area that can look flabby, fat and unattractive, but by adopting an ab workout routine you can get rid of the body fat and tone your muscles giving your abs that super cut

3 Lower Ab Workouts For Men That Work!

In this video world famous bodybuilder Vince Del monte discusses the myth of lower ab workouts for men. In reality, what he’s talking about is a lower calorie workout. It’s interesting. Many guys think that the reason

Looking For A Six Pack Abs Workout That’s Fun?

Why are six pack abs important to you? This is a good question. It’s actually deep, profound and quite psychological in many ways. You see we all identify ourselves with form. We think that we are our

The Most Effective Ab Exercises – It’s Not The Crunch!

Are you sick of doing crunches till you’re blue in the face? Do you know that doing those abdominal crunches aren’t even the most effective ab exercises? Well, you can’t be blamed for that because everytime you

The Plank Exercise – A Requirement To Avoid Sore Back Muscles

Having strong abdominals and good lower back health is essential for everyone. That’s why you need to include the plank exercise in your routine. The plank is something that seems to always be missed in people’s workouts.

6 Pack Abs Workout – Diet & Exercise Tips To Get Shredded

Everybody is looking for the perfect 6 pack abs workout. As a matter of fact, a lot of them exist. But to be honest the old saying is true, “80% of success in terms of getting the

Abs Workouts Without Crunches – Can You Believe It?

Have you ever tried abs workouts that don’t involve situps and crunches? It’s hard to think that some exist right? Everyone expects working on abs to be a lot more crunch concentrated. In fact, a lot of

Another Stomach Workout You Will Love To Hate

Are you still doing crunches even though you’re not getting results? You should workout smarter, not just harder. Here, we will share an abs workout routine which is one of the popular routines in Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence